E-Commerce Chatbots: How They Can Help Your Store

E-Commerce Chatbots: How They Can Help Your Store

December 21, 2018

Online shopping is the most happening thing right now in the world. Ladies go gaga over shopping and so does the e-commerce stores take it up to the next level to provide satisfaction. There are multiple applications and websites available for the online shopping which is user-friendly and one can shop anytime anywhere. This type of window shopping is coming since ages but now the technology advancements have made it uplifted to the new innovations. The introduction of chatbots is one of the innovative kind. A question arises to why do you actually need a chatbot for your application and what are the advantages gained from it?

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot resembles a type of computer program that is developed to do conversations with human users to provide better services. chatbots are ideally designed to complete buyer’s purchases, offer buyers product recommendations and provide customer support.

A consistent working chatbot is necessary to increase the revenue; if the customer is satisfied with the services then they are definitely going to visit again and again. One of the main aspects of introducing chatbots is word-of-mouth with the user for interactions and letting the user satisfied with the service. The hoping use of the chatbots by e-commerce particularly in customer support services is widely popular but it also looks after the shipping and delivery industry. Nowadays, the beginners can also utilize the Chatfield by facebook messenger to lay down the marketing. Messaging applications have are overpopulated in growth even overtaking the social media sites in terms of monthly active users. This could be beneficial for e-commerce stores to expand their business growth.

Quick Response

With the help of chatbots, the user gets customer support 24/7/365 which is very overwhelming. Consumers get their query solved and not only queries but it also gives suggestions based on your past purchases. It also answers based on delivery problems or bad quality items. Return conditions are also discussed which helps the consumer get to know about the purchased item.

Human-Automation Vibes

Chatbots generally give vibes of a store manager who clears all your doubts and allows hassle-free shopping. This is important according to some reports which shows a rise in the applications containing chatbots where you get the answer anytime. This sensation helps to increase revenue.

Cart Recovery

It happens a lot of time to that the consumer adds up an item to his or her favorites and then forget about the cart. This trouble leads to fewer sales and chatbots can help in this matter to ping the customer about his or her cart to purchase more. These reminders are usually in the form of emails and text messages but they did not turn out to be effective and so from now onwards, chatbots are used to complete these tasks.

Reduces Data Entry Procedure

Ages ago, there was a system to put up all the entries of the consumer in the database in order to send them notifications or alert updates regarding the products. This task has been reduced by the chatbots as they work with the AI-powered technologies which does all the assigned task by itself without any human help. This caused great relief over the past as you get to achieve more output with less human efforts.

A/B Testing

If you are new to the concept of chatbots, then you better do not need to worry about it. Generally, it makes us confused from where to begin or how exactly should our chatbot be designed for customer satisfaction. This can be resolved by a/b testing methods which allow you to look after which design is effective.

Facebook Messenger

After building the chatbot comes an important task to get it connected with the users. Many websites use widgets in their chatbots to interact with the users through messenger. Messenger also has a chat plugin which helps to integrate your e-commerce bot directly into your website. This feature helps to operate the chatbot on your homepage even if you are not online. If someone has a question over chatbot while you were offline, you can chase them later in messenger directly after they have left your website. A good way to build awareness regarding your bot is to create a landing page. It gives you a chance to look after the working of the chatbots.

Successful Examples


The globally recognized Swedish multinational clothing retail chain has created its own chatbot for the customers. It is highly customized and allows to browse the items and discuss it over the chatbot for its quality and guarantee. When in the confused state what to buy, it also gets some suggestions according to your past purchases or history.

Chatbots H&M


This is another example of e-commerce chatbots. It gives suggestions on the makeup tips and also lets you search for your personalized product from the shop. You can also inquire about the other products as per your suitability and it comes up with better ideas. The chatbot also ensures you regarding your product in stock or not. It has an outstanding property of color matching products from the images sent by the user. This helps to build a strong connection over the consumers by letting them scan over image or product and get the exact one.

Chatbots Sephora

Final Thoughts

Chatbots provide an incredible opportunity for e-commerce stores to let them handle hassle free and without any further thoughts. Chatbots are further running on the AI-empowered technologies and facebook messenger to boost sales. When you want to run an e-commerce store it is very crucial to build digital marketing strategies because it is next to impossible to get your business successful without strong strategies. Since many years, Facebook has undoubtedly the most prominent channel for e-commerce digital marketing for a Fan page, sponsoring contents with Facebook Ads and dealing with customer care. Undoubtedly chatbots have brought a revolutionary change with the ways in which customers deeply indulge in shopping or availing services.

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