Exit Intent Plugins: 10 Amazing Plugins for E-commerce

Exit Intent Plugins: 10 Amazing Plugins for E-commerce

April 20, 2017

Let’s start this blog post with 2 striking facts;

Did you know that 98% of your visitors leave your website without doing anything and over 70% of people who leave your website will never return?

As an online store owner, you don’t want visitors to open your site and just leave without viewing what you offer. That’s why retaining visitors and customers has always been a major issue for e-commerce retailers. Thanks to exit intent plugins you can prevent losing visitors and enhance the chance of converting them to potential customers.

There are some great softwares in the market that offer exit-intent technology. The major objective of that technology is to track in-store customer behavior such as mouse gesture, velocity, and cursor movements on a certain page, melt all these data in one pot and detect the moment the user is inclining to leave. The exit-intent technology triggs a popup message on the visitors’ screen when they are about leave the page. The rest is about your creativity and finding the relevant message for visitor.

In this post, we have compiled 8 beautifully designed exit-intent plugins for e-commerce stores that help you to convert lost visitors.


Optin Monster

OptinMonster is a complete on list-building platform which e-commerce retailers can create, deploy and test lead opt-in forms. Among different pop-up features, OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology promotes a unique offering. It tracks user’s mouse gesture and velocity as they browse through your website. This allows the plugin to detect the precise moment the user is about to leave and prompts them with a targeted campaign. Moreover, it does not prevent the user from leaving. They can close the window like they normally would which gives a more non-disturbing experience.

The most basic plan starts at $9/month.


Exit Intent Plugins Sleeknote

Sleeknote is a lead-generation tool that allows online stores create highly effective opt-in forms that convert website visitors into potential customers. Regarding exit-intent feature, it detects the visitors in-site behavior and targets the moment that online shoppers are inclining to leave the store. It’s pretty easy to get started with just a few tabs and a drag-n-dropp editor.

The pricing plan starts at $69/month with advanced features.


Exit Intent Plugins Optimonk

Mastered on exit-intent, OptiMonk Exit-intent technology provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and build your email subscription list. It tracks visitor journey, detect leaving visitors, display targeted offer and promises driving immediate sales, reducing cart abandonment, upselling and cross-selling and improving customer experience. The timing of the show-up (the moment visitor exit – down to milliseconds) is super sensitive.

The most basic plan starts at $29/month.


Exit Intent Plugins OmniKick

OmniKick is a popup builder plugin for WordPress that’s effective for collecting leads.

The plugin automatically detects when a visitor is about to exit your web page. The tool gives you the option to choose the sensitivity of the exit intention. That means how fast you want OmniKick to recognize when the visitor is about to leave. Their abandon intent technology is data-driven and highly personalized. OmniKick comes with ready-made templates you can use immediately. With these templates, you should get your popups running within a few minutes.

The simple plan starts at $19/month.

Thrive Lead

Thrive Lead

Thrive Lead named its exit-intent technology as Smart Exit. They have a reason by doing that! It offers a seamless smart technology that defines and distinguishes almost every behavior of visitor. While some of exit intent performance does not meet expectations, Thrive Lead’s Smart Exit promises to boost the conversion rates by showing up pop-ups depending on certain conditions. So that, they prevent the possible frustration that some of exit-intent may bring out.



Picreel is designed for e-commerce retailers to turn visitors into paying customers. The tool serves tailored offers to segmented visitors. It tracks the website behavior of visitors. Using data collected, it detects when they are about to leave the site, and this is countered with timed popups designed to prevent the exit. Picreel works and integrates well with almost every of the marketing automation tools, CRMs and e-commerce platforms.

The pricing plan starts at $14/month with advanced features.


Get Site Control

Another software that offers exit-intent technology, GetSiteControl allows e-commerce retailers to customize their messages that they want to show when a visitor goes for clicking exit. Besides of that, GetSiteControl adds a ton of innovative functionality to turn any website into a lead generator.

The pricing plan starts at $19/month.



Privy promises to improve online stores’ email base with its capturing tools. It identifies visitors who have added products to cart but are exiting before completing their purchase and helps you to send relevant messages before losing the deal. Target based on exit intent, geography, cart value, referral path, device type and more. Moreover, with intuitive drag and drop designer, you can create beautiful marketing campaigns without any IT experience.

There is an option to use Privy for free. If you want to use advanced features, you should check plan starts at $24/month.

Exit Mist

Exit Intent Plugins Exit Mist

Exit Mist makes it efficiently easy to detect and react before your visitors leave the website without making a purchase. You can easily see how many of your visitors viewed and subscribed to your exit popups, or abandoned your website without completing any actions. It’s extremely easy integrate with an external email service to automatically send out emails to your engaged users.

The most basic plan starts at $19/month.

Exit Monitor

Exit Monitor

Similarly with other beautifully designed tools, Exit Monitor also tracks visitors behavior, detects exiting visitors and shows them targeted message. A Very handy tool which gives e-commerce retailers the ability to drive more revenue to businesses by capturing customer data to generate more leads and converts them into paying customers.

The pricing plan starts at $39/month.

Wrapping up the exit intent plugins

The bottom line is, don’t give up on those lost visitors. These exit intent plugins are incredibly helpful when it comes to earning those visitors back, and they easily make up for their costs!

Please don’t hesitate to share other tools that we’ve missed.


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