Halloween E-Commerce: 6 Tips for Boosting Sales

Halloween E-Commerce: 6 Tips for Boosting Sales

October 2, 2018

Think back to Halloween when you were a child. Did you decorate your house in fake spider webs? Whether you celebrated Halloween or not, you’ll probably understand the excitement that surrounds this particular holiday period. We’re here to talk about Halloween e-commerce tips that’ll turn that excitement into sales.

It filters through your entire adult life with many adults attending Halloween style parties. But what’s more, they also look for Halloween deals when they shop online.

Let’s look at how you can get ready for the special day and provide your customers with more treats than tricks with these Halloween e-commerce tips!

Halloween e-commerce tips

Create Halloween-specific content

Whether or not you sell Halloween specific items, think about how you can create Halloween specific content.

If you sell Halloween related items, you might create an infographic for how to choose the best Halloween costume.

Let’s now look at the different tactics one store implements to ensure their Halloween plan gets off on the right start.

Leverage your existing email list

The Harry Potter Store sent out an email to all of their subscribers.

halloween e-commerce

They leverage their existing email list and send out an email reminder to let them know that there’s a new exciting product they can get their hands on.

One thing they do well is to use a sense of urgency.

When you receive the email, you understand you only have until 31st of October to actually make a purchase.

Be extra active on social

The Harry Potter Store isn’t active on social media. However, they do have an option for customers to share the content on their own social channels.

If this company wanted to improve the way they used social during their Halloween campaigns, they could prepare a number of scheduled posts to go live explaining their Halloween deals.

halloween e-commerce

Harry Potter (the brand) is very relevant to Halloween given the spooky nature of the books and films.

They, therefore, have a really good opportunity to prepare spooky content to get people excited not just about their products and deals but Halloween itself.

The idea here is to use your social channels to create content around the theme of Halloween that helps customers remember you.

If people are sharing your Halloween content it means you’re able to reach a much wider network of people. As a result, your sales are likely to increase.

Think about deals

The Harry Potter Store probably isn’t one people browse on a daily basis. Think about it, if you need to get a gift for a friend, or you need to buy something for yourself, you’ll probably frequent the site.

Therefore, it’s super important they offer deals during this Halloween period to increase the number of people who visit the store.

We’ve already established that they leverage their existing user base through email as well as social media to let them know about the current deals.

harry potter ecommerce

What’s more, just because a customer comes to look at Halloween deals, doesn’t mean they won’t make use of the other deals on the website.

In fact, they’re much more likely to sell other product lines simply by having a specific page for deals.

When it comes to your store this Halloween, if you sell Halloween-related items, think about the deals you can offer.

Maybe you offer free face paint with every order over a certain amount?

Or perhaps you bundle products together to give customers a better deal.

Even if your store isn’t Halloween focused, you can still offer deals. Every holiday period, people naturally spend more money.

Because they’re spending more money, they’re naturally seeking out good deals.

Give your customers what they want.

Get crafty with your copy

The copy you use can have a great effect on whether or not people decide to buy from you.

When it comes to product descriptions and email copy, think carefully about the types of words you use.

You want to encourage people to make a purchase by using words like “hurry, offer ends soon.”

halloween e-commerce

You also want to use this opportunity to inject some personality into your brand. It’s a time where you can get a little daring and a little bit silly, so why not try it?

Obviously, it’s good to understand your target audience so you make sure you’re still on-brand.

Harry Potter Store also makes sure to let customers know when they can expect their parcel. This way, they manage to reduce the number of unhappy customers who don’t get their gifts before Halloween.

Think carefully about your prices

Just like any holiday period, you need to think carefully about your prices. How you price your products can have a direct effect on how many sales you make.

For example, you might choose to increase your prices the closer you get to Halloween. If you manage to attract people to your store just before Halloween, they’re likely to pay more for your products as they know time is of the essence.

Use an eCommerce comparison price tracking tool to look at how you price your products in previous years.

Compare your prices to your profit margins and you’ll have a clear idea of the sweet spot, where you can price your products high enough to make a profit but low enough so that people aren’t turned away.

Another lucrative tool is to look at your competitor’s prices too. This way you’ll be able to compare your own prices to the rest in the market to find the best pricing this Halloween period.

Final thoughts

Halloween is not just for children. It can be for anyone who wants to get into the spirit of the spooky holiday.

If you run an eCommerce store, you have a good opportunity to generate extra sales during this holiday season, as long as you put in preparations early and consider what deals and offers your customers might like.

Halloween gives your business a chance to show some personality and get a bit “spooky”.

Do your sales increase during Halloween? Leave a comment below.


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