How efficient customer service can help you boost sales

How efficient customer service can help you boost sales

October 16, 2020

Constantly learning about new concepts and tools to increase your repertoire of communication strategies is a practice that benefits the digital marketing of your business. Today, we are going to learn how to offer excellent customer service based on the customer service trends we observe.

Have you analyzed the impacts of a service that is not well done? After a negative experience with the company, the relationship with these customers is compromised and some consumers may even stop buying from the brand that did not serve them well.
For this reason, working with customer service has become an increasingly common practice in the management of different business categories. After all, customer-focused service has been shown to be effective in helping processes that provide a better experience for consumers.

After all, the likelihood of a satisfied customer going back to consuming your products or services and indicating your brand is significantly greater than a neutral or dissatisfied customer.

To help your enterprise to make your service even better, in this article we will explain what customer service is, what its main benefits are, and how to implement it in your business. Shall we?

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What is customer service?

The role of the customer service team in a company is to identify and solve issues raised by customers. Its function is completely strategic, as opportunities to solve problems may appear from reports made by consumers. That is, it is a way to turn weaknesses into advantages.

It is important to make it clear that the customer service area is not only a support for consumers who are leaving their complaints but rather a strategic tool.

Customer service in this sector must be quick to resolve problems quickly and find ways to prevent these difficulties from happening again.

Therefore, the sector in charge of providing this customer service will be responsible for ensuring efficiency in operations, service, and sales. Your job will also involve ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, offering personalized experiences, and investing in solutions that make the shopping journey even easier.

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Benefits of having a well-functioning customer service

After understanding what customer service is, let us know what are the benefits of having a sector specialized in this segment in your business. After all, offering a personalized and human service makes the shopping journey for consumers a much more satisfying experience.

Especially when a company has a team dedicated to after-sales service, finding solutions to problems, answering questions, and helping customers with the use of the services or products purchased.

So, its service team creates connections with consumers by serving with empathy and attention, bypassing delicate situations, and helping even customers with difficulties to understand the values ​​of their brand and can be loyal.Anyway, costumer service is a great way to positively transform the customer experience with your products and services. Below, we will check all the benefits that this service tool brings to contribute to its results.

Gives you a competitive edge

Working with a focus on the customer is a market trend that generates results, however, many brands have not yet adopted this practice. This makes the use of efficient customer service a competitive advantage for your business, leaving your brand ahead of competitors who do not yet use this strategy. Especially, if you operate in different markets, multilingual customer service can give you a leverage.

Keeping your team up to date, understanding the pains of customers who come to this channel opens up opportunities to attract consumers who have had bad experiences with customer service or competitive products.

After all, by observing the main problems and their causes, your company will be able to identify difficulties and present solutions desired by these customers.

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Problems that take time to resolve to tend to turn into dissatisfaction for customers. The customer service offers an outlet that generates positive results when solving these difficulties with agility and efficiency.

Consumers feel valued when they realize that those responsible for the service understood their pain and are actively working to remedy it. This can result in strengthening the relationship between the company and its customers, showing that listening to them is important.

Therefore, acting strategically with a sector exclusively responsible for solving these difficulties will help your company to increase the retention and satisfaction rate of its customers. This is why the customer satisfaction score or CSAT metric is vital for businesses. Measuring CSAT will help identify whether customers are happy with your product or service.

Improves your brand’s reputation

Consumers recognize the companies that valued them in their service. This behavior can lead these people to comment positively on your business and even recommend your brand services or products.

Offering great experiences to customers is a way to strengthen the bonds with your brand and build a good reputation for various categories of audience. In this way, your company can capitalize on opportunities with good service, improving your image, finding a partnership, and becoming a more reliable business for investors.

Valuation of products and services

Offers and advantages made available through promotions are becoming more and more homogeneous, increasing competitiveness and making it harder for companies to stand out. This makes good service an important differential.

In this context, the attention offered at the beginning of a service, during the purchase and after-sales follow-up, becomes competitive advantages.

This is where efficient customer service gains even more importance by acting by connecting the public with a company’s services and products, highlighting its advantages and quality. In short, it is a way to win over consumers who value quality service above all.

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How to put it into practice

Now that we are familiar with the idea of ​​customer service and the benefits it can bring to your business, it is time to understand how we put this service into practice.

Before starting to use this resource it is important to understand that it is more than an operational process, in fact, it is a marketing strategy. Therefore, it is important to dedicate a team with competent professionals and the necessary tools to perform this important function with excellence.

The first step in implementing efficient customer service in your business is to form a team with prepared and trained attendants to receive customer complaints and act immediately to find solutions to these problems, either with the available resources or with the help of other sectors of the company. company.

In addition, a very important task that must be performed by this team of professionals is the synthesis of complaints received in the information that can be used to find solutions. In this way, the team will have the capacity and resources to analyze this data and suggest ideas to solve these difficulties.

For these solutions to materialize and reach consumers, it is necessary to ensure that the customer service team has access and support from other areas of the company, such as marketing, sales, operational, among others.

This will be necessary to ensure that the ideas presented are practical and workable. In addition, it is necessary that other sectors actively seek to solve the problems in more efficient ways by examining them from different points of view, a factor that adds even more value to the integration of the teams.

Finally, it is necessary to provide tools that assist the customer service through the registration and monitoring of complaints made by consumers.

Talking to your team and evaluating the resources of the options available in the market is an important step in the implementation of this strategy, because, to ensure efficiency and communication between the teams, the chosen system must rely on the integration of its service channels, centralizing the information on just one platform.

In this way, it will be possible to generate reports that identify the greatest difficulties faced by your business, in addition to making the process of monitoring customers more practical and easy.

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Understanding the differences between customer service, customer success, and customer care

It is common to come across foreign and similar terms in the context of digital marketing. This is exactly the case between customer service, customer success, and customer care. They are all similar, are related to the focus on the customer, but have differences in their meanings.

To understand what customer service is, we only need to remember the concept that was mentioned at the beginning of the article. This is the area responsible for the strategies that will capture and understand the complaints made by customers, acting to resolve them immediately and creating solutions so that these problems do not happen again.

Customer experience, is the term that represents all the interactions that a consumer has with a company. From the first contact, either accessing your website or calling by phone, to complaints and after-sales follow-up.

Companies that apply customer experience well offer unique experiences at all stages of their shopping journey, with the aim of winning and retaining their customers.

But customer success is the way a company is to ensure that customers who aim to consume a product or service to succeed and finalize your purchase.

Several enterprises apply this concept, as offering a better product from the competition is not enough to guarantee the satisfaction of its consumers, as the incorrect use or lack of knowledge can generate negative results compromising to win this customer.

That’s why customer success was created. After the purchase, companies offer specialized support to help their customers use their services and products in the correct way, achieving the promised results in their sale.

Therefore, we can say that customer success and customer experience are customer service strategies that integrate and complement customer service.

Ready to implement efficient customer service strategies?

We hope that our article has helped to understand what efficient customer service is and its importance in digital marketing strategies.

As seen, through quality service it is possible to reverse negative situations with customers and collect valuable information on common doubts and problems faced. In addition, by focusing on the customer, it is possible to gain competitive advantages and enhance the reputation of your brand.

An efficient way to boost the results of your service team is to use a professional online chat tool to centralize your systems and information on just one platform.

  1. Fred Douglas
    October 29, 2020

    Well Written! It's an undeniable truth that every brand needs to improve their customer service if they want to survive in this highly competitive market. Thanks for the article.

  2. Prisync Team
    November 3, 2020

    Thanks a lot, Fred! Happy to hear you liked it!

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