Most Effective Ways for Promoting Your Amazon Store to Drive Traffic

Most Effective Ways for Promoting Your Amazon Store to Drive Traffic

February 23, 2023

Ecommerce is growing day by day and so is Amazon. It is considered to be the most dominant marketplace. This creates a big competition through the sellers. They have to use every channel they can to promote their products and improve their rankings on Amazon to reach more customers. But there are some best practices for Amazon sellers to promote their store and drive traffic. 

If you are an Amazon seller and looking for actionable tactics continue reading this article. Let’s discover together the steps you can take to promote your Amazon store. In this blog article, we will explain 6 different ways that can help you drive traffic.

Let’s start!

Most Effective Ways for Promoting Your Amazon Store

  1. Make a Competitor Analysis on Amazon

    Sellers on Amazon have 2 types of competitors. The first one is the competitors on Amazon and the second one is the outside of Amazon. This asks for some skills to monitor your competitor’s actions and understand the strategy behind all. The first thing you need to do is just focus on your competitors on Amazon. Since it’s the biggest marketplace you will have various competitors out there. 

    First, define your primary competitors that are selling the same products as you do. Look out for their Amazon store for product images, titles, reviews, and importantly pricing. Then, you can monitor their social media whether they are active and promoting their products and reviews. Competitor analysis can give you a great insight into what they are doing compared to your store. As you continue to do it you can find what they are up against. For example, it can be to drive traffic or increase their sales numbers because they lower their prices from time to time, etc. 

    After monitoring your primary competitors, you can monitor your secondary competitors. These are the stores that are selling complementary products compared to your products. You can also monitor their store and social media but it doesn’t necessarily need to be as frequent as you do for your main competitors. These two are the best practices to find new promotion opportunities. You will understand the way other sellers promote their products. Then you can consider finding a unique way to promote your store as well.  

  2. Optimize Your Product Listing on Amazon

    Customers make decisions in seconds when it comes to online shopping. This creates an opportunity for Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings all the time! How do you lead customers to make a purchase from your store? Think like a customer.

    Imagine that you want to buy products that you are selling on Amazon. What would be the words you are typing in the search bar? This can be a good exercise if you are considering changing your titles for search engines. Try to find the best keywords for your products or services. But avoid keyword stuffing! Optimizing your titles can help you to make product searching easier for customers. 

    You can optimize your product images as well. Remember that your images should clearly show the product. Additional images that are taken from different angles are highly recommended. You can include lifestyle images if relevant just like Amazon sellers do in Amazon Posts. If you haven’t been taking advantage of Amazon Posts you definitely should. It’s a great way to promote your products and attract customers. 

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  3. Offer the Right Price for Your Audience

    Pricing is the up-most crucial factor for online customers. Why? Because it plays a big role before making a purchase. Customers want to buy products that are offered at a reasonable price. As a definition, a reasonable price is the point where you stand your product in line with your competitors meaning not too high or not too low. After they see the price it should make sense for them.

    Pricing is a huge area that losing revenue against your competitors is very possible. The first thing you should do is create a roadmap. Your map should include a clear statement of your goals, target customers, brand positioning, competitor’s prices, and testing your price all the time. You should remember that if you have defined your target customers well and are aware of your competitor’s price moves, finding the right price can be easier. But while pricing you should be following Amazon’s Pricing Policy.

    Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy: Amazon states that you can’t use prices “that harm customer trust.” There are some examples of pricing practices that raise red flags on Amazon’s websites, including using misleading reference prices. This is very important while pricing your products. If you don’t take this policy seriously and don’t follow it, you can face potential account suspension.

    Let’s say that you define all you need for pricing and follow the pricing policy of Amazon. The first step should be ensuring that your goals are attainable. You can divide your goals into different time plans and see whether you can achieve them. Next, your target customers are the great players in your pricing strategy. Online customers are great at comparing the prices of different sellers. That’s why tracking your competitor’s prices is a great way to offer the best price. Why? Because you would be aware of the market price and your customers can find your price more reasonable than other sellers. This will lead them to end up making a purchase from your store. Therefore, consider tracking your competitor’s prices automatically and save your time in the most efficient way. 

    The last step is to test your prices. It’s a great way to find out how your prices perform at different price points. It’s important to know that price takes much more attention in different seasons. For example, during the holiday season, customers are more likely to find the best deal possible. That’s why it’s a great idea to track your competitors’ prices and observe the minimum price level they could offer. You can test different prices and see your customers’ reactions. 

  4. Use Social Media Effectively

    Social media is growing rapidly as new accounts are created every day. Every online store needs to have a social media presence. It’s a way to reach your customers and communicate with them. Social media can give you an understanding of what your customers actually need and want. You can have a better idea of their pain points and offer them your products or services as a solution. 

    Let’s talk about the steps you can take. First, start by defining your target customers. Who they are and what the demographics are? Then, find the channels they are using the most. Even though finding the channels might take some time it will benefit you later on. After that, it’s time to create your accounts on these channels. Posting your product images, and promoting the sales deals are the first steps. Ensure that you have a brand voice that speaks to your customers as a brand persona. 

    You can consider asking your customers for ideas about your products and showcasing your new coming products that are not available in the store yet. You can create excitement about new products. Creating polls can be very helpful to understand your customers. What are their expectations from your brand or from your products? What do they want to see next? Which of your products do they find very useful? Encourage your customers to answer which can be a great way to create a relationship with your customers.  

  5. Highlight Promotions on Special Days

    Did you know that many customers are waiting for the holiday season to shop? These special days are the favorite time of the year for customers! Who would not want a great deal, right? This makes a lot of sense. Since Amazon is the biggest marketplace, you can face lots of visitors during the holiday season. That’s why our recommendation is to get prepared before it knocks on the door. If you don’t know how to prepare, having a retail calendar can be quite helpful.  

    As the special days are about to come you should start to promote it in different ways. Use your social media and remind your customers that you will offer great deals during these days. The holiday season is of utmost importance but remember that there are different special days that you can take advantage of. If you don’t inform your customers about it, who would make the purchase, right? Therefore find the channels where your customers are most active and ensure that they are aware that the special deals are on the way.  

  6. Ask for More Reviews

    After the purchase, you need to give some signs to your customers that you value their opinions. On Amazon there is an Ask for Review Button that you can simply ask for reviews from your customers. It’s a great way to simply automate this process. But you can test other ways as well. For example, you can include a card in the delivery. You can thank them for making the purchase and you would be happy to hear their opinions after using the product. This can make them feel valued and they can be more likely to make a review if the product meets their needs as well. You can consider including their first name on the card so that you can give them a personalized experience. As Ecommerce grows very rapidly customers are looking way more for personalized experiences. Making little changes like that can have different results than you would expect.  

    Asking for reviews from your customers is the first step. After collecting some product reviews you should take them into serious consideration. Are your customers happy with the purchase? Does the product meet the needs of your customers? Reviews can be a great way to understand your product benefits and areas to improve. 

    The next step is to check your reviews regularly. Most new visitors can spend more time reading product reviews rather than product information. Ensure that you check customer reviews regularly and consider responding to concerns when you observe any. Reviews are a great way to attract more customers and improve your search ranking on Amazon. But if you have low-score reviews that would not work as you assume. Therefore ensure that you have happy customers along the way so that they give high-star reviews.


Selling in the most dominant marketplace definitely asks for more effort. You need to be aware of the competition and use various strategies to find out which ones work the best. You can follow the steps we explained above and drive traffic to your store. But don’t limit yourself, try to find different ways. Hopefully, promoting your Amazon store will be a great journey as we had while writing this article!


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