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E-Commerce Metrics 7 Metrics & KPIs for Growth
February 24, 2016

E-Commerce Metrics: 7 Metrics & KPIs for Growth

As global online retail revenues surpass the 1 billion USD mark, and the annual market growth is above %20, in markets small or big, e-commerce companies better are hacking their growth path. This does not… Continue Reading

Cart Recovery Boost Sales Using Email
January 18, 2016

Cart Recovery: Boost Sales Using Email

A customer arrives to your online shop and starts building a shopping cart. After going through your products the customers proceeds to check out with a cart full of items. There are many ways to… Continue Reading

Omnichannel What’s the Difference Between Multi-Channel
January 11, 2016

Omnichannel: What’s the Difference Between Multi-Channel

In our previous post, we talked about why omnichannel mattered in marketing strategies. Now businesses have started to hear about this new trend omnichannel in customer care. Yet it hasn’t been that long since they… Continue Reading

Cart Abandonment How E-Commerce Companies Handle It
December 16, 2015

Cart Abandonment: How E-Commerce Companies Handle It

Shopping is a journey. And as it the case in many journeys, customer journey in e-commerce also contains many stages, and an accomplished purchase is just one of the very obvious stages in this journey.… Continue Reading

Mobile Commerce: 4 Strategies to Boost Sales
December 7, 2015

Mobile Commerce: 4 Strategies to Boost M-commerce Sales

Any strategy that you pick in e-commerce should be aiming for more engaged customers and a solid increase in loyalty as we previously discussed in the Customer Lifecycle Management post in our blog. However, mobile… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Supplier Relationships 5 Tips for Long-Term Success
November 3, 2015

E-Commerce Supplier Relationships: 5 Tips to Succeed Today

It's no secret, in any business, relationships are gold. In e-commerce, building long-lasting and reliable supplier relationships brings many opportunities such as discounted prices, better stock availabilities, and sometimes even buybacks. Therefore, any e-commerce manager… Continue Reading

Price Comparison Fix Errors & Bottlenecks
April 15, 2015

Price Comparison: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Who buys a product before a quick price comparison online? No one. Urban life compels us to look for convenience and speed. On top of that, we are spending more than our grandparents in city… Continue Reading