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September 14, 2016

E-Commerce Blogs: 62 Sources for the Latest Tips

A business really flourishes when there is always an inflow of knowledge. In the digital world, blogs are a major source of learning for any type of business, including e-commerce. However, it's hard to catch up with… Continue Reading

July 26, 2016

M-Commerce Marketing: What You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Basics of Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing is unlike traditional marketing. When developing a mobile marketing strategy, there are several things you have to do; otherwise, your messages might not be read and shared. Here are several ways to determine if you're doing M-Commerce marketing wrong. You're Not Using a Mobile Landing Page If you're not using a mobile responsive landing… Continue Reading

Guest Blogging Contribute to the Prisync Blog
July 13, 2016

Guest Blogging: How to Contribute to Prisync’s Blog

At Prisync, we want to deliver high quality, insightful, engaging content to our more than 10K subscribers and 34K monthly visitors. A great majority of our subscribers are business owners looking for the latest pricing… Continue Reading

July 5, 2016

Conversion Funnels: Optimization Best Practices

Every sale involves guiding a buyer through certain steps to ensure successful completion. This process is referred to as the conversion funnel. Considering each step of the process in isolation is a good way of detecting ̶ and solving ̶ potential problems. In today's guest post on Prisync Blog, Irene from Actinic will share how they treat the conversion funnel… Continue Reading

June 15, 2016

Cosmetics Ecommerce: What Businesses Need to Know

The cosmetics sector has an upward trend of growth and considering its ecommerce integration it seems like it will grow even more. Online retailing of cosmetics and personal care is a popular sector and ecommerce businesses utilize social media, offline marketing events, YouTubers, blogs, and more to create more conversions, and engagement and build their brand awareness. Cosmetics products are… Continue Reading

June 14, 2016

Mobile Commerce: 5 Tips for Developing a Native App

In everyday life, almost every one of us is dependent on mobile technology. Initially, apps were created for playing games, but nowadays more businesses rely on mobile apps for sprouting their business. Mobile commerce is extrapolated to reach $149 Billion in US volume alone by 2019. Browser dependent apps can now function like a native app. Moreover, many industrial persons… Continue Reading

May 24, 2016

Redeem Points: Increase Loyalty for E-Commerce

As most of the loyal readers of Prisync's E-Commerce Blog already know, we are quite keen to drill down any interesting subject about e-commerce and love to publish posts as kind of follow ons to each other in our blog. After a few pieces on our blog about Loyalty in E-Commerce, we were fascinated by the depth of this topic… Continue Reading

Content Marketing 4 Critical Mistakes
May 10, 2016

Content Marketing: 4 Critical Mistakes

Many e-commerce businesses have started heavily investing in content marketing for some time. That is great news, as it shows that business owners are willing to place their trust in this marketing strategy. After all,… Continue Reading

Content Marketing Main Source of E-Commerce Traffic
April 25, 2016

Content Marketing: Main Source of E-Commerce Traffic

The e-commerce market has cutting-edge competitiveness in its nature. So, it becomes crucial to cover every area of marketing for e-commerce businesses. Content marketing is one of the main marketing strategies that e-commerce businesses adopt.… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Metrics 7 Metrics & KPIs for Growth
February 24, 2016

E-Commerce Metrics: 7 Metrics & KPIs for Growth

As global online retail revenues surpass the 1 billion USD mark, and the annual market growth is above %20, in markets small or big, e-commerce companies better are hacking their growth path. This does not… Continue Reading