Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are discounts real?
November 21, 2019

[Results] Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are discounts real?

We get asked about this a lot. Are Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals a myth? This has been asked and argued over a million times each year polarizing both consumers and retailers. Each side… Continue Reading

Pricing Analysis
July 13, 2018

Pricing Analysis: Digital Cameras Market In The UK

From now on, we are starting the series of pricing analytics reports covering the price fluctuations, market status, the price positioning of big players on certain verticals in biggest e-commerce environments. While creating the report… Continue Reading

Black Friday 01
December 1, 2017

Black Friday 2017: Attractive Deals and Sales in Europe

I am writing this piece on 1 December 2017, Friday and today feel like just any other Friday. - except for the last Friday, a.k.a. Black Friday 2017. 2 weeks ago, on Prisync Blog, we… Continue Reading

Singles Day 02
November 15, 2017

Singles Day 2017: How The Holiday Sales Went For European Retailers

Alibaba has smashed the records by generating a total $25.3 billion in sales in Singles Day 2017 - a 40% jump from 2016. Most probably, you've already heard that, right? Maybe, you even probably know… Continue Reading

Pixel 2 Prices
October 5, 2017

Pixel 2 Prices: A Price Research in 6 Countries with Prisync

Assuming you are the follower of new tech gadgets, of course, you should know today is a big day for Google. The new products of Google - Google Pixel 2 release today with huge excitement… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Greece 03
September 20, 2017

E-Commerce Greece: Detailed Slideshow Included

Greece has been a pretty good size market for the ecommerce industry with a population of almost 11 million people. The market has grown by almost 20%, reaching up to $5 billion in the past… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Survey
September 19, 2017

E-Commerce Survey: Tools & Automation for the Dutch

As we know that e-commerce is advancing rapidly in the Netherlands, we prepared a survey related to e-commerce tools to understand the needs of Dutch e-commerce managers. The survey is completed by 72 people and… Continue Reading

Iphone 8 Prices
September 14, 2017

iPhone 8 Prices: A Research in 31 Countries

As you should know, Apple introduced the new version of iPhone on the 12th of September 2017. After that news, we searched the prices of every iPhone 8 - 64GB in 31 countries and compared… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Romania 01
September 12, 2017

E-Commerce Romania: A Research About the Romanian Market

Romania has been the bigger e-commerce player in the Southeastern European market; ranking as the 93rd richest country in the world according to capita rankings. With a population of 19 million people making up a… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Romania 02
September 11, 2017

E-Commerce Romania: How Websites Used to Look

Our series of remembering nostalgia of online stores continue. Previously we've found one of the first landing pages of popular websites in Netherlands and Greece. This time, E-commerce Romania is on our target. We've found… Continue Reading