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Price Monitoring
March 15, 2018

Price Monitoring: Manual vs. Internal vs. SaaS

Now more than ever consumers can choose where and who they purchase from. To keep up with your potential customers and current competitors, you need to find some way to start price monitoring. This will… Continue Reading

Dropshipping Ultimate Pricing Strategies
March 8, 2018

Dropshipping Pricing Strategy: Path to Profitability

Dropshipping is a craze that many are getting on board with due to the low barrier to entry and limited overheads. Dropshippers usually run on a model where they sell products to customers without actually… Continue Reading

Omnichannel 02
March 6, 2018

Omnichannel Pricing: A Comparison of 3 Different Strategies

If you’ve decided to take on the task of creating an omnichannel experience for your customers, at some point you’ll have to consider your omnichannel pricing strategies. There is a certain difficulty when it comes… Continue Reading

Conversion Rate Optimization
January 2, 2018

Conversion Rate Optimization: Pricing Strategies for a Boost

ICON_PLACEHOLDEREstimated reading time: 6 minutes A/B testing each and every element of your pricing strategy and on pricing page is immensely time-consuming and difficult. But it’s essential to understand what pricing plans and hooks work… Continue Reading

Price Dynamism
December 14, 2017

Price Changes: Popular Shops in Europe vs. Amazon

Amazon is surely the first ecommerce retailer that comes into our mind when we think of price dynamism worldwide. When we take a look at our own database for all the Amazon product prices we… Continue Reading

Manual Tracking
February 16, 2017

Manual Competitor Tracking: 5 Reasons to Stop

If you’ve chosen to be in ecommerce, no matter what your role is, you will face a huge amount of work. In a world where customers have great abilities to compare and find the best… Continue Reading

November 22, 2016

Competitor Price Tracking: How to Automate It [in 3 easy steps]

When integrated into decision making, competitive intelligence gives a significant competitive advantage to its possessors. Price intelligence is a great source for gaining a competitive edge. However, for e-commerce owners, the number of players in… Continue Reading

Competitive Pricing Intelligence
November 14, 2016

Competitive Pricing Intelligence: Popular Use Cases

Pricing is a team-sport First of all, any e-commerce company of any size should accept the fact that pricing is a team sport. Therefore, neither the pricing decision-making process nor its analysis affects only a… Continue Reading

Price Comparison Fix Errors & Bottlenecks
April 15, 2015

Price Comparison: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Who buys a product before a quick price comparison online? No one. Urban life compels us to look for convenience and speed. On top of that, we are spending more than our grandparents in city… Continue Reading