Top Magento Extensions: Boost Your E-Commerce Store in 2019

Top Magento Extensions: Boost Your E-Commerce Store in 2019

May 3, 2019

Magento has achieved a great hike by offering a variety of choices for business owners to promote and expand their businesses. Now sustaining a solid customer base has become much more difficult for businesses because of intensified completion. This powerful open source platform allows many personalization options that resonate with any business domain.

Magento extensions are imperative for setting up your Magento powered online store. For generating maximum conversions to creating brand awareness among potential customers, merchants tend to rely on most effective Magento extensions. Today I am looking into top functioning Magento 2 extensions that are loaded with most advanced features.

Size Chart Extension

If you sell clothing with more generic or precise sizing, they fit differently for everyone. Every next day customers are complaining about the wrong sizing of the delivered items sent by online stores. Customers do not find a chance to try on those items as they do in a physical store. A comprehensive size chart is the best solution to boost customer’s trust, their confidence and to reduce returns. With Magento Size Chart extension, you can avail ample functionality of integrating size guidelines in an efficient way. You have multiple options to specify rules accordingly that resonate with your online presence and can restrict the size chart to specific store views. You can either display it in a separate tab or allow customers to view it by approaching the pop-up.

Custom Registration Fields

Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields Extension

These days almost every e-commerce store is featuring a customer registration or sign up page where users have to provide their personal details before proceeding. Few offer shopping to their online portals as a guest. However, they need to maintain their security measures to shield against the cyber attacks. This extension allows merchants to integrate extra fields within your existing registration form as they notice an essential need for it. They can choose whether to integrate images or a variety of other options like date, message, radio options and much more to the user registration section or to the My account area of your website. In addition, merchants can verify the input fields and can set up comment options against any registration field.

Layaway – Partial Payments

The partial payment system allows customers to pay in a series of payments until they reach the actual cost for service or product in general. This robust extension allows integrating a partial payment system to your e-commerce store. Therefore, customers have the advantage to pay in segments against their purchased goods. Merchants can allocate this flexible setup to the entire store or specific products and can manifest a layaway schedule based on the number of payments, duration, pricing and can charge customers who will avail this opportunity. Customers who are taking advantage of this system can view the payment schedule prior to making a purchase and can manage the remaining dues from my account section.

Media Gallery

A website looks odd and outdated if there are no visual elements in it. Visuals have the strength to depict the story in a more meaningful way. It is the case when you are running an eCommerce store. The Media gallery extension allows integrating stunning images and videos in the shape of eye-catching galleries. Attach media files against your showcased products to increase their significance and user retention rate. Merchants also have advantage to embed videos from well-known video distribution channels like Vimeo and YouTube. Now make your online store more user friendly by embellishing it with amazing visuals.

Gift Wrap for Magento 2

These days customers tend to find ways that save their time and efforts. Gift-wrap extension is a perfect opportunity for merchants to facilitate their customers before shipping come into play. They can categorize gift-wrap designs based on the type and specifications of the products. They also have a convenience of specifying service charges and can restrict this service to some of their specific stores. Customers can make use of gift-wrap fields label option to customize it according to their needs.  

Shop by Brands & Manufacturer

Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension

Offering easy navigation allows great control and excellent user experience when they want to explore multiple areas of a website. Shop by brand and manufacturer extension offers an extensive solution of portraying the shop items in accordance with their brand names. It offers to display top brands in slider and can integrate into your home page or in your listing page. You have the advantage of manifesting products from a specific brand in a separate page and can display all the necessary information related to that brand and products. Also, facilitate customer through the ease of product searching by setting up the search box and enable flexible filters to procure the desired results.

Pre Order & Backorder

Many customers tend to order their favorite items prior to its release. Offering preorder facility for goods is ideal to bring an upraise into your sales. Your customers are able to book order before the listed item is available for shipping. This efficient extension can easily integrate into your online store and make your business domain stand out from others by allowing the preorder facility to your listed products. Merchants can manifest item availability date and allow controlling minimum and maximum orders customers can place. They can also specify custom messages with each product attributed to preorder.

Product Questions

Customers often have questions about certain products listed on an eCommerce store. Meanwhile, marketers consider solving their queries in the shape of blog posts and through social media platforms, many customers find it hard to explore those answers. One of the ideal ways of resolving those queries is by specifying all those answers in an FAQ’s section of your online store. This extension offers a magnificent solution of setting up FAQ’s section without any hassle. Customers will have the advantage to give likes, dislikes against any given answers and provide ratings as well. Merchants can also classify questions in different categories and can dedicate a separate page to FAQ’s section.

Final Words

Magento, being an extensive e-commerce platform, has earned its worldwide popularity. It offers a range of tools in the shape of flexible extensions to expand the scope of an online business. These feature-rich extensions help in extending the functionality and features of the online store. It is quite daunting to search for most functional extensions. This list includes extensions that are cost effective and have the potential to improve the productivity of your online business.

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