E-Commerce Berlin Virtual: An Event You Should Attend

E-Commerce Berlin Virtual: An Event You Should Attend

by Prisync
April 6, 2021

E-commerce Berlin Expo is the biggest pure-play e-commerce event in the (tech) capital city of Germany. Over 9,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors are expected every year.

This year, this exciting event will be online as a virtual conference as E-commerce Berlin Virtual.

The COVID-19 still has a significant impact on us all, which has led the organizers to postpone E-commerce Berlin Expo 2021, and fill the gap with E-commerce Berlin – Virtual Edition.

Based on participants’ expectation they’ll keep the event onsite, so it’ll return in February 2022 as originally proposed. 

Yet, to deliver incredible e-commerce insights to our audience this year, they are going to organize a free virtual conference that will take place on May 26-27th 2021. You can discover more about the virtual conference as we reveal the first speakers and more info below. 

About E-commerce Berlin Virtual Edition 

The E-commerce Berlin – Virtual Edition powered by Lowell Group is scheduled to debut as a fully virtual conference on the 26th of May, 2021 and will last two days. There will be a total of 12 presentations each day, organized in topical blocks, reflecting various aspects of e-commerce.

From the team behind the event:

We also go above and beyond with the form of our conference, sparing everybody a “virtual conference fatigue” with lagged broadcasts. Every single element of the conference is very well thought out – from the highest quality of materials broadcasted directly from our Berlin studio, through the line-up, to engaging elements including chat and a Q&A session led by a professional host with each speaker.

All for free. 

Speaking of speakers… without further ado, let’s check out who’s going to share their knowledge during the E-commerce Berlin Virtual Edition. 

E-commerce Berlin Virtual Edition: first speakers announced 

The virtual stage of the E-commerce Berlin Virtual Edition powered by Lowell Group will welcome both well-known speakers from previous editions (yet with brand new insights!) and new experts who have never rocked the physical stage of EBE yet they are likely to do it on the virtual one this year! In total, there will be more around 30 experts presenting their insights during the conference – below are the first surnames. 

The first speakers: 

CarFellows – Nina Geiss, CEO 

Cyberport – Dr. Christian Kahl, User Experience Lead 

Douglas – Max Melching, Director Online Marketing 

Experience One & Mercedes-Benz – Kai Müller & Marco Gehrig, CEO & Manager Mercedes me Store of Mercedes-Benz 

Flaconi – Claes Larsson, Head of Enterprise Applications 

IBM iX – Isabelle Ette, Senior Digital Strategist 

Henkel & Claneo – Peter Hartmann & Matthäus Michalik, Global Digital Marketing Manager & MD 

KORA MIKINO – Julia Rittereiser, CEO 

MediaMarktSaturn – Matthias Genz, Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer ● TIM SA ( – Jan Żaba, Tech Lead 

We always aim for showing insights from the biggest companies in the business, as well as actionable case studies and takeaways from e-commerce startups. Due to this, besides the e-commerce giants (Flaconi or Cyberport) and major retailers (MediaMarktSaturn, Douglas and Henkel, just to name a few) of the world, even lesser-known companies can showcase their successes. 

Albeit virtually, that is still a great way for companies to showcase their abilities. Two days of the program will be available to everyone, followed by later accessibility on various platforms. It’s free of charge, so they expect a few thousand viewers to attend the sessions, which marks an efficient opportunity for sponsors. 

The various sponsorship packages are available. 

Find More details and the registration module here.


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