World Pricing Day Take Aways

World Pricing Day Take Aways

September 15, 2022

World Pricing Day Webinar took place for the first time on the 9th of September 2022 with hundreds of attendees. Do you know why the event is scheduled for 9.9.? It’s because of the very common psychological pricing strategy that we come across every day. Pricing 0.99 is frequently encountered in the world of ecommerce, where we are all also consumers. We are very proud and happy to host the first World Pricing Day event. The excitement of the preparation and dedication to gathering precious experts together was a pleasure for us. From the beginning to the end of the event, we are thankful for everyone who participated and helped to perform informative sessions & pricing environment.

This world map shows the locations of Prisync users all around the world. Prisync and pricing automation are everywhere. It was a great source of happiness for us to meet many people from different locations on World Pricing Day. We hope to hold this event, perhaps face-to-face and in a different location next year. Why not…

Explaining the importance of pricing and emphasizing it at every point has always been a goal for Prisync. Because in fact, we are all very aware of this as customers, but it is not always easy to take some steps in this regard as business owners. That’s why this webinar is to talk about both pricing strategies and pricing closely: Why Pricing Matters?, How to Attract & Hire Pricing Talent, How to Grow in Ecommerce with the Power of Psychological Pricing?, Holistic Commercial Excellence, The Most Common & Primary Ecommerce Pricing Strategies and What B2B can learn from B2C were designed around both learning and having a good time.

 Let’s take a look at all the sessions:

Burc Tanir – Why Pricing Matters?

Burc Tanir is an entrepreneur, father, and husband, traveler, cinephile, Co-Founder & CEO at Prisync, took the stage first. He is known as The Pricing Guy on his social network. Burc Tanir says, “Pricing deserves a more strategic level, and unfortunately, it is far from being common.” Why Pricing Matters? was the main source of questioning of the speech and led the listeners to an admissible point to understand the critical issues of adopting smart pricing strategies. 

You can watch the entire speech of Burc Tanir from here.

Joe Fleming – How to Attract & Hire Pricing Talent

As a second speaker, Joe Fleming, principal recruiter (&company founder/director) at VenorTech, took the stage. He stated that the challenges and opportunities companies are facing in the current hiring market are increasing, and because of that, learning how to manage your hiring process to give you the best chance of a successful outcome is the key. Joe Fleming stated ‘’We need to take pricing more seriously.’’ while he was going through the current hiring landscape topic and pricing hire. His advice on pricing talent recruitment processes, especially from the perspective of HR, was very helpful. It was a very interesting session for all the participants. 

You can watch the entire speech of Joe Fleming from here.

Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky – How to Grow in Ecommerce with the Power of Psychological Pricing?

When Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky, an experienced pricing expert, passionate researcher, and the founder of the Price Management Institute, consultant to eCommerce companies, took the stage, a very high-energy and enjoyable session started. Listening to his pricing knowledge on psychology gave important insights to the audience.  How to Grow in Ecommerce with the Power of Psychological Pricing? was the main theme of the speech and every point of it was worth listening to it. Dr. Markus talked about a systematic and structured approach on how to adopt psychological pricing. Additionally, he emphasized that trying to find growth opportunities in every step you take, figuring out the source of revenue, and structuring your customer relationship that you have in your company are very important points of every part in ecommerce.

You can watch the entire speech of Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky from here.

Laura Higgins – Holistic Commercial Excellence

As the fourth speaker Laura Higgins, commercial strategy leader at EY-Parthenon with extensive experience advising C-Suite and passionate about diversity and women in business, took the stage. Hearing about the very interesting topic of Holistic commerce was inspiring. The key terms and why commercial excellence needs to be adopted were the main structure of the speech. The set of principles that must be done right to balance passing on costs with maintaining market share such as ‘Double hit’, ‘Strategic segmentation’ , ‘Data quality’ and ‘ Deal negotiation’ acknowledge the audience by giving critical tips. Laura also stated that ‘’Price setting is massively important that needs to be done.’’ while consumer choices are rapidly changing. In this position, right informed decisions can be the strategic behavior to empower the situation of your business.

You can watch the entire speech of Laura Higgins from here.

Sanda Macic – The Most Common & Primary Ecommerce Pricing Strategies

As the fifth speaker Sanda Macic, an experienced sales and marketing specialist at Prisync with a background in engineering, a globetrotter and a passionate tennis player, took the stage. Pricing strategies and their transparency are one of the main factors when buying online! It’s one of the main criteria. Sanda talked about the 10 main pricing strategies that will help your ecommerce business to gain the power to maintain its growth. In the end, building your own & mixed strategy will be the bullet criterion for learning these pricing methods in ecommerce. As Sanda is very experienced in sales and marketing, she gave the audience a lot of real-time examples of what consumers are really desired for and how to communicate them while you are applying your strategies. Hearing out what Sanda Macic is expressing was a great opportunity for all the participants.

You can watch the entire speech of Sanda Macic from here

Jochen Schmidt – What B2B can learn from B2C

In the closing session of the World  Pricing Day Jochen Schmidt, manager of the solution strategy at Pricefx, experienced in the pricing industry and working for multiple consultancy companies & implementing pricing software in various industries, took the stage. Personalization for optimization and education on alternatives in ecommerce took the attention of the audience. It was very interesting and informative to hear what Jochen said about the insights to win traffic and basket. Because he stated that buyers consume 10 pieces of content before they engage with a potential supplier. All the statistics and data were attention-grabbing in this session!

You can watch the entire speech of Jochen Schmidt from here.

Thank you a lot to all the speakers and the participants of the World Pricing Day Webinar. It was a pleasure to host the very first event of World Pricing Day. Any kind of aspect to increase the pricing awareness is very important for us. Hope you enjoyed the event.

See you at the next World Pricing Day for sure!


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