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Case Study Tazemasa: How They Increased Their Monitoring Capacity

Just like we did in the previous case study, we’ll introduce you to one of the coolest online stores and tell their story with Prisync. Our case study for today is with!

Case Study Tazemasa

Tazemasa was found six years ago by Fahir Özcan with the purpose of serving people who are living in big cities and having difficulties to access fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic foods. So, you can always find fresh daily milk, organic eggs, delicious vegetables and many more healthy foods in this store. For the ones who are curious about the meaning of the company name, we can translate it into English as “Fresh Table” 🙂 Their motto is “Eat well, live well!

They’ve reached over 100K visitors/month and according to the current stats, they have over 50k members. The good thing is that the majority of their users are having a recurring shopping experience with their store. We’d like to thank Fahir for his contribution in this case study and let’s dive deeper into their story with Prisync step by step.


Fahir explained the challenges before they’ve started using Prisync in the following sentences.

“We were struggling to keep track of our competitors’ prices manually as our market is more volatile than most of the markets and it was almost impossible to track online prices manually. We had a “beautiful Excel file” where we tracked our competitors’ prices but it was really for a limited number of products.”

Their main problem was to track the price changes frequently and take action to change their own pricing accordingly.

Fahir also mentioned that “Tracking competitors’ prices for the person responsible was taking half of his day and more importantly the data wasn’t up-to-date nor accurate”.


After they started using Prisync, they saw immediate improvements in their operations.

“We’re now able to track more products with Prisync and the frequency of the updates have dramatically increased. This helps us be highly competitive as we’re able to react to our competitors’ prices almost instantly. It’s also a great advantage to track unlimited channels with Prisync”


What results did have after using Prisync?

  • Being able to track more products: They were able to track 200-300 products per week before. Now they’re tracking almost 1000 products with 4 times pricing & stock update cycles per day.
  • Being able to get notified of price changes daily: Thanks to the robust notification system, they’re always informed about the price changes in the market.
  • Being able to react to their competitors’ actions: As Prisync provides the most up-to-date data, Tazemasa is able to take their pricing actions almost instantly a few times a day.

Prisync in One Sentence

Fahir summarizes Prisync in a great way.

“Prisync is the first tool that we check every morning so it’s like a good morning greeting to us.”

Final Words for Case Study Taze Masa

For each morning, Prisync’s tracking & notification module helped Tazemasa increase their monitoring capacity, the accuracy of data, and their ability to act on changes.

If you’re having a similar challenge, sign up for a free 14-day trial and see how your business can benefit from Prisync.


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