Increase Shopify Sales: 8 Workable Strategies

Increase Shopify Sales: 8 Workable Strategies

September 12, 2023

Shopify is one of many online commerce hosting sites. Though Shopify allows users to create a blog, landing, and other non-store-related pages, the primary focus is for businesses with websites hosted by Shopify is ecommerce. Shopify is an incredible platform for any and all businesses, whether they are decades old or up-and-coming. No matter the duration of a business that sells products or offers services for purchase, an online presence is absolutely essential.

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Even if your company has a brick-and-mortar location, it is still very much encouraged to have an online shop in conjunction with the physical stores. A digital presence is important for every company in today’s world because the internet is where people go shopping every day. Online stores allow businesses to expand their reach, and as a result, companies can offer their services and products to people all over the world. This way, not only can physical storefronts offer products, services, and more to clients in-person, but the online store for the same business can make their items available to a wider audience as well.

Shopify is an amazing platform that increases the likelihood of online sales, but without active effort on your end, your online store will not excel and produce statistics that increase revenue.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned seller looking to break into online sales, we have collected some strategies that may help increase Shopify sales:

  1. Optimize the usability and aesthetic of your online store
  2. Add a high-impact online chat option for website visitors
  3. Paid social media campaigns that redirect to your Shopify store
  4. Upsell your ecommerce products
  5. Invest in a digital marketing company to help you increase sales on Shopify
  6. Make use of an email recovery campaign to appeal to potential customers
  7. Create an email list that people can subscribe to
  8. Monitor your competitors to get profitable

Optimize the Usability and Aesthetic of Your Online Store

One of the most important factors of digital marketing in terms of website design is the usability of a website. Usability refers to how well the information of a website is presented and organized, as well as a clear and concise display. Other factors that fall into the category of usability include loading time, the pace of web scrolling, and easy-to-understand language.

These aspects are certainly part of the development process and a behind-the-scenes element of website design, but they are nonetheless incredibly important. If you don’t pay close attention to detail on the back-end of your ecommerce website, you will notice shortcomings when all is said and done.

When your Shopify website is finalized, the website should be easy to navigate and the purpose of the website should be obvious. If you have a Shopify website that does not portray what your business stands for, what your business sells, or what your business can offer the potential customers, your viewers will not convert into buyers. They will probably look at your ecommerce website for a brief moment or two, but then they will click off of the page and you’ll lose prospective sales over something that is very simple to include.

Without customers, your business would not be profitable, so usability is essential for increasing Shopify sales. The more user-friendly your Shopify site is, the more likely people are to buy what you are selling if they are interested. Poor website design can deter people who might have otherwise purchased an item from your online shop.

Add a High-Impact Online Chat Option for Website Visitors

When you give website visitors the option to chat with someone from your business at the moment, it makes them feel seen, cared about, and valued. It is not likely that everyone who visits your website and sees a chat box pop up on the screen will take you up on the offer and talk with you. However, giving your viewers the option to talk to someone will help to increase your Shopify sales because it shows potential buyers that you value their opinions. Shopping online is a very solitary experience, so when an online chat option presents itself to visitors, they will appreciate the fact that you are there to help them if needed.

Paid Social Media Campaigns that Redirect to Your Shopify Store

According to Shopify itself, one of the most effective ways of increasing your sales on the platform is to invest in social media ad campaigns.

There are many opinions circulating on the topic of paid advertisements across various social media platforms, but when it comes to Shopify (this applies to similar platforms as well), the company heavily pushes for and strongly suggests its users prioritize paid social media ad campaigns.

Essentially, an ad campaign has one goal in mind, and that goal is to place your brand in front of the eyes of people who are most likely to be potential customers.

Upsell Your Ecommerce Products

This is a great strategy for increasing Shopify sales when it is implemented properly. If you upsell in a way that does not feel genuine, the strategy might backfire, so proceed with caution. The focus should be to make sure your customers feel that your suggested additional purchases will actually benefit them. Otherwise, it will feel like your website is doing nothing more than trying to squeeze more money out of them, and nobody likes the feeling of being pressured while shopping.

If you design your website to recommend related items after your customers have placed something in their cart, then upselling can really help your Shopify page to perform better, as you will complete more sales. Give your customers the option to buy something additional, and they just might!

Invest in a Digital Marketing Company to Help You Increase Sales on Shopify

An SEO campaign developed by professional digital marketers can amplify your Shopify sales like no other. The two details to take into consideration when searching for the right digital marketing agency are compatibility and pricing. First and foremost, you want to hire digital marketers who have experience in your niche. You also want to make sure their services are affordable for your budget.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

An SEO campaign is essentially a project who understand how to enhance your website for approval by search engines. It can be very hard to take on the responsibility of an SEO campaign for your own company. Because SEO is time-consuming and intensive. So, entrusting a marketing agency with your Shopify ecommerce will help you increase sales in the long-run.

One more efficient long-term growth strategy for an eCommerce store is a referral marketing program. It’s a way of promoting your store by asking existing customers to share a link with their friends and family. It works because it’s one of the most trustworthy marketing channels that can boost sales by 10%. You can either develop an in-house referral program or use an existing solution like Talkable. 

Make Use of an Email Recovery Campaign to Appeal to Potential Customers

Have you ever looked at products on a website? Added a few items to your online cart, and then closed the tab for that website? Only to receive an email shortly after that reminds you of your abandoned cart? An email recovery campaign is a workable strategy that highly increases Shopify sales.

Follow-up emails is to encourage people who were interested to return to the website and complete a purchase. There is a reason that people add items to their carts. Sometimes, all they need is a little encouragement to actually buy what they were eyeing. Reminding viewers of items they looked at but did not purchase puts your website back into their head. It is likely to convert into a sale.

Create an Email List that People Can Subscribe To

Email lists are an important step for any online business. An email list is essential for creating a connection with your audience. You can use emails as a way of informing your subscribers of upcoming sales. Educate them further about everything you offer, and interacting with them individually.

People are more likely to buy from companies that show that they care about their customers. Emails are a perfect opportunity to express your appreciation for them. They show gratitude to those who do subscribe. Also offers a discount code for use on their next purchase from your Shopify page. This is an incentive for people who are contemplating a purchase from your ecommerce website. And it might just be the one thing that convinces them to buy from your store.

Monitor Your Competitors to Get Profitable

By keeping track of your competitors, you offer a product with more revenue and decide whether it is worth selling. In other words, monitoring market trends and competitor activities is necessary to maximize profits and guard against losses. 

Be aware of if any competitor is changing price, out of stock, or offering any discount/exclusivity. You have the opportunity to research and evaluate this analysis by using automation. It can take a lot of work to do it manually.

Especially during special holiday seasons, setting competitive prices is very important. 

  • Tracking competitor behavior is beneficial before deciding on your promotions and discounts. 
  • Set dynamic prices for your good-performing products and increase their stocks.
  • Setting the same prices can be your strategy if you don’t want to be more expensive or cheaper than your competitors.

Avoid expensive mistakes by monitoring your competitors. This way, you build smarter and more profitable business strategies. 

Final Thoughts

As you move into your Shopify journey, it is most important that you keep the end goal in mind. Happy customers. You want the people who are interested in buying your product to be able to do so without frustration. Shopify does a great job at making that process more fluid. However, it is up to you to craft the tools they give you into a winning website!


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