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E-Commerce Search: How to Make it More Efficient

Improving the search functionality on your e-commerce site is always a good idea. When visitors go to your e-commerce site can search in a simple, but efficient way and they can easily find what they’re looking for, it’s good for everyone. It’s ideal for the customer who can avoid trawling through your site to find what they want. And it’s good for your business too because it will become much easier to generate revenue and create happy customers. As we know, happy customers tell their friends and come back to buy more in the future.

You should also align your e-commerce site search with Google search results. People won’t just search your website for your products and services; they’ll search Google and include your brand name in the search. Dominate these search results by taking advantage of social media to ensure you get all the exposure when people search for you and don’t let your competitors get a piece of the search results page. Social media used to take a big proportion of time up to manage, but there are loads of tools now which will save you hours a week and allow you to schedule your social media posts.

Web users are now prone to having everything at their fingertips. It has changed the way we cook, the way we socialise, the way we digest information and the way we shop. With the introduction and global success of social media, now is a critical time to make sure you are future proofing your website because buyers will continue getting lazier.

How do you go about improving that site search function then? There are many things you can do that will make the experience more helpful for the user. These five tips will help you out.

1. Use Autocomplete

The user’s search experience will be enhanced in many instances if you have autocomplete capability. It helps them to find what they’re looking for without them even having to type in the full word or phrase of the think that they want. As they begin to type in the search bar, suggestions will appear underneath, and they can click it if the right one appears.

If the autocomplete function is used correctly, the right suggestion should pop up for the user. It saves them a little time and makes their life a little easier, so what’s not to like about that? Of course, they can always simply ignore the suggestions if they want to, so it shouldn’t cause problems for anyone.

2. Don’t Leave People Waiting

The speed of at which the search function works at should also be considered. You don’t want to keep your potential customers waiting around while the function does its job. Remember, people have very short attention spans when they are browsing websites. If they are made to wait for too long, they will simply leave your website and find a different one to use.

Bad search functions are relatively common. We’ve all been there. You search for something and then it seems to take forever to come up with what you’re looking for. By improving the search function and using a modern algorithm, it should improve the issue. Upgrading the overall speed of the website will help too.

3. Give Control to Users

You want the user of your website to be in control of how they use and view search results. Everyone is different, and we all have different preferences. So, if you really want to satisfy customers with your website’s search function, you should put them in control. You can do this by giving them different options.

For example, you can allow the user to choose how they view the results that appear on the page. They could choose a list option or larger icons. You should also let them choose how they are ordered. Some websites even offer a sliding bar that refers to a price range. This would only show items that cost more than a certain amount and below a certain amount. There are many options.

4. Displays Photos and Prices

You should always make sure that you display photos and prices when the results appear. People want to see what they are considering buying. They should be able to scroll through the options easily and see what you have to offer. If they can’t see them, they won’t take the time to click on each product and see it in more detail.

Displaying the price is also important. This is vital information for anyone who is looking to buy something from an e-commerce site. Your customers probably don’t have so much money that they can afford to ignore how much your products cost. And depriving them of this information up front simply seems suspicious and strange to them.

5. Create a Clean Landing Page

The page that your search results are displayed on needs to be easy to use and visually appealing. You don’t want it to appear cluttered or overwhelming. What matters is getting across the vital information. And in this case, that means showing them the results that came up as a result of their search.

Make it simple and clean. That means getting rid of anything that distracts the eye away from those important results. If you can do that, people will look at the information that’s most important and be able to focus on it easily. It’s so easy to change your design and make it easy to use for anyone who searches your site.

Bonus Tip

Lincoln Search Bar

Create a clean and simple to use search button. One of my favourite search user interfaces is the one found on Unique Log Cabins. The search text field opens up below the whole navigation to make it crisp and clear.

Hopefully, you are now in a position to make some simple improvements to your website’s functionality. If you are still struggling for inspiration on how to improve your website’s search functionality, try this excellent site search optimization hub.

Before long, you should see a bounce rate improvement and hopefully a conversion rate improvement.

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