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E-Commerce Sweden: A Research About the Swedish Market

Our global e-commerce journey brings us to the Swedish e-commerce market. Before diving into the details of online retailing, let’s look at the country from a broader perspective. Swedish economy and demographics Population: 10.32Mn GDP: $547.12Bn GDP/cap: $53,000 Urbanization: 88% An open, diversified, and competitive economy Specialized in high-tech products Green economy E-commerce in Sweden …

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E-Commerce Poland: A Research About the Polish Market

Our global e-commerce discovery journey will continue with Poland’s e-commerce market. The country’s economic growth is above the European average, and its promising e-commerce market, in particular, deserves our attention. But first, we’ll look at some figures about the Polish economy. Polish economic outlook and demographics Population:38.6Mn GDP: $593.29Bn GDP growth: 3.6% GDP/capita:$15,630 Urbanization: 60% …

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