E-Commerce News 05-11 November 2015
November 11, 2015

E-Commerce News: 05-11 November 2015

Dear e-commerce folks, Let's give a round of applause to our wild and sweet e-commerce world for never letting us down about exciting news, announcements or amazing content posted by great experts. The theme of… Continue Reading

E-Commerce News: 29 October - 04 November 2015
November 4, 2015

E-Commerce News: 29 October – 04 November 2015

Dear e-commerce folks, November is here, and the year-end is almost there. Last week, the e-commerce market was again full of interesting news like Ebay's sale of its enterprise unit or the very recent launch… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Supplier Relationships 5 Tips for Long-Term Success
November 3, 2015

E-Commerce Supplier Relationships: 5 Tips for Long-Term Success

It's no secret, in any business, relationships are gold. In e-commerce, building long-lasting and reliable supplier relationships brings many opportunities such as discounted prices, better stock availabilities, and sometimes even buybacks. Therefore, any e-commerce manager… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Tools Discounts & Offers on Popular Software
November 2, 2015

E-Commerce Tools: Discounts & Offers on Popular Software

Dear e-commerce folks, This time, we are writing to you about a great bundle that contains a lot of interesting e-commerce enablement tech software, and it surely includes our one and only Our friends… Continue Reading

E-Commerce News 22-28 October 2015
October 28, 2015

E-Commerce News: 22-28 October 2015

Dear e-commerce folks, As the Prisync team, we eat and breathe and live e-commerce every minute of every day, so we feel like sharing what we've enjoyed reading and watching throughout the week, hoping these… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Intelligence Best Competitive Intelligence Tools
October 26, 2015

E-Commerce Intelligence: Best Competitive Intelligence Tools

In the rapidly growing world of e-commerce, optimized marketing has become essential for all players. “What is my cost per conversion?”, “Can I attract more customers with the same marketing budget?” etc. Questions like these… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Stack Speed, Reliability, and Security
October 18, 2015

E-Commerce Stack: Speed, Reliability, and Security

Often, e-commerce executives are laser-focused on increasing their revenues through smarter marketing efforts, and this sometimes may cause them to neglect fields where they can leverage quicker returns. And these fields can even be at… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Shipping How to Make a Difference
May 27, 2015

E-Commerce Shipping: How to Make a Difference

E-commerce market’s competitive environment can be a hard place to survive for many companies. There is already Amazon, Alibaba or Google with big positions in the market. E-commerce business has many aspects to create conversions… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Products: How to Write a Good Description - Part 2
May 26, 2015

E-Commerce Products: How to Design a Product Page

On average, only 23% of a website's traffic comes from paid channels, while 33% comes from organic. No matter how much you spend on ads, paid traffic alone won't be enough to boost your sales… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Products How to Find a Product to Sell - Part 1
May 20, 2015

E-Commerce Products: How to Find a Product to Sell

Starting a business of your own feels great for sure. But it is also stressful to crunch numbers and worry about your sales, marketing strategy, market conditions, and customer’s LTV. At the bottom of all… Continue Reading