Competitive Pricing The Advantages & Disadvantages
October 18, 2018

Competitive Pricing: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

Table of contents What's a competitive pricing strategy?Real-life competitive pricingTakeawaysFrequently asked questions Can't you just price your products based on costs and target profit margins? What's the worst thing that could happen if you ignored… Continue Reading

Shopify Tips
September 13, 2018

Shopify Tips: A Comprehensive Guide to Pricing Products

For many first-time e-commerce founders, Shopify is the way forward. Their easy to use platform means that anyone (and we mean anyone) can set up their online store within a matter of minutes. You can… Continue Reading

September 4, 2018

Magento Tips: Competitive Pricing Without Software

Magento is a platform for eCommerce store owners built on open source technology. It allows vendors to make use of a fully flexible shopping experience. They can also gain specific control over how their shop appears for their end users. As well as this, there are a number of different tools you can use alongside Magento. These tools help support… Continue Reading

New Vs. Existing Customers
August 21, 2018

New vs. Existing Customers: Different Pricing Strategies

Are all your customers the same? Obviously not. That's where segmentation comes in. Important differences exist between new vs. existing customers and we're here to determine how to attract each. One-size fits all pricing and… Continue Reading

Dynamic Pricing 02
July 26, 2018

Dynamic Pricing: Dominating the Market

The goal of every single ecommerce retailer is to find a solid way that leads them to improve their business. Personalized and segmented emails, delivering a great user experience and customer support, publishing good performing… Continue Reading

July 19, 2018

E-Commerce Pricing: Ultimate Strategies to Maximize Profits

Table of contents Cost-based pricingMarket-based pricingDynamic pricingConsumer-based pricingBundle pricingPenetration pricingPrice discriminationLoss leader pricingPrice skimmingBuild your own strategyFrequently asked questions Remember the last time you visited your favorite shop? Let's relive those moments together and see… Continue Reading

Prisync Webinar
July 17, 2018

Prisync Webinar: The Power of Smart & Competitive Tactics

We are continuing organizing webinars for our audience. If you are a follower of Prisync, we are trying to give insights everything about e-commerce. But, pricing is our specialty and I personally recommend you not… Continue Reading

Price Elasticity Dynamics that Drive Demand for E-commerce
July 17, 2018

Price Elasticity: Definition and the Factors That Influence It

Table of contents What is the price elasticity of demand?Moderately elasticInelasticHighly elastic8 factors affecting price elasticity of demandIs the product necessary or luxury?Is the product unique or does it have substitute products?Advertising & brandingConsumer habitsPrice/income… Continue Reading

Price Index
July 10, 2018

Price Index: Definition, Calculation, and E-commerce Function

Table of contents What is price index (PI)?Price index calculation for a single productHow to control your positioning in the market?What’s the primary benefit of having PI information?Retrospective analysis will sweep away uncertaintiesQuick takeawaysFrequently asked… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown
July 5, 2018

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown: John Lewis

In this exciting e-commerce pricing teardown, we’ve used our software to scratch our own itch or so to speak. We’ve spent the last month analyzing the pricing records for the retailer, John Lewis and the… Continue Reading