Prisync Update: 2nd Quarter 2018 Report

Prisync Update: 2nd Quarter 2018 Report

July 18, 2018

Hey e-commerce folks, Prisync followers! We’ve had a crazy three months here at Prisync working on exciting new projects and updates to help you dominate the world of e-commerce.

Our goal is to create the best product that suits your needs, so, if after reading this post, you can think of other ways we can better support you, get in touch and we’ll add your ideas to our pipeline.

Some of our notable updates:

  • We now integrate with Magento stores
  • A fully automated batch import function
  • Reached version #2 of our API
  • Updated case studies
  • New content
  • Events we’ve attended

Magento Integration

One of our most exciting (and important) updates is our Magento integration. This is something many of you have been looking for and we’re happy to announce we are now integrated with Magento (for versions 1.3-2.2). What this means is if you’re using Magento to power your online store, you can now make use of our repricing engine.

We have also published a detailed blog post on this integration and if you’d like to know more information, just click here!

But for the most part, this integrations means that Magento users will be able to use the dynamic pricing function to generate Smartprice suggestions based on specific pricing rules you set up according to your competitors’ prices, your costs and your target profit margins.

With the new integration, all of this happens automatically and effortlessly directly to your own online store.

It’s a milestone we’re proud of and can’t wait to see the benefits for all our Magento users.

Brand New Batch Import Function

In previous Prisync versions, our batch import wasn’t fully integrated. Meaning, human intervention was needed if you wanted to import a large number of products at once. We’ve now fully-automated this function allowing for easy batch imports. If you’re unsure how to do this, log into your Prisync account and follow the step-by-step outlined instructions.

This new feature will be crucial for getting all your data stored and organized within Prisync. As mentioned, we want to make your lives easier, so if you have feedback on our batch import function, drop us a message and our product development team will be sure to get back to you.

For those who want to know more about the batch import function, we’ve updated our documentation within our help center to explain the core details, click here to read more!

Prisync’s API V2.0

You may have noticed there have been various changes to the user interface. These changes have all been made with you in mind. We want our platform to be easy to use, intuitive and give you the results you’re looking for with minimal effort on your behalf.

As a result of that, we launched version 2 of our API. Many of our customers use a custom Prisync integration within their own internal systems. In version one, the API was read-only, meaning you could only access your data through the API. However, in version 2.0, you can both read the data from your account as well as make edits. This two-sided integration will reap boundless benefits for all customers alike.

For more detailed documentation outlining the possibilities with version 2.0 of the API, read here!

If you’re a developer, or if you’d like to share our API’s documentation with your tech team, here it is,

Apart from the product developments, there are also other great things happening at Prisync, let’s take a closer look at them.

Case studies and Reviews from Prisync Users

We really believe that you can get the most useful feedback for a service from the users of it and that’s why we’re preparing case studies with our users. During the last three months, we had 3 great case studies with our customers and in these case studies, we explained how they improved their business with the help of Prisync. The first one is with from Denmark, the second one is with from the Netherlands and the final one is with from Denmark. In case you’d like to read these case studies, you can find them below:

When it comes to the reviews from Prisync users, you can find them from here! Without blowing our own trumpet, we’re also the most reviewed company on Capterra within the price optimization category.

That wouldn’t be possible without people like you, our wonderful customers for supporting us on this journey and taking time out of your busy day to provide us with great feedback.

Prisync with numeric stats!

During the last quarter, Prisync reached an important threshold in terms of the monthly visited web pages and the number is 300 million! We’ve been paying careful attention to this figure as we’re growing the company. We want our entire system to be easily scaled to allow anyone who wants it to have access to our price optimization software.

Our entire development team have been working hard at coming up with smart and innovative solutions to allow this to happen.

We’ve also been able to track over 100,000 different websites from 53 different countries. Once our users start tracking all kind of different competitors, our system also evolved in these ways and reached these numbers.


There were 2 important events during the last quarter that we’d like to mention here. One of them was Meet Magento UK that our team attended to meet with Magento enthusiasts from all over the world. As the official technology partner of Magento, Prisync was also one of the sponsors of this event. Our CEO, Burç Tanır, has a summary post on this event and you can read it from here!

The other event was “Python Istanbul” that took place in the HQ of Prisync. This is a great and local community in Turkey which consists of Python enthusiast, mostly developers. Even if the content is not in English, if you’d like to see the photos of this event, just click here!

Smartphones & Digital Cameras UK Market Reports

During the past few months, our marketing team has done a detailed analysis of two different markets in the UK: Smartphones and Digital Cameras. The focus of these analyses is e-commerce pricing analytics. If you’d like to see the details of these analyses, you can download the e-book versions of them from the links below:

Prisync Posts On the Other Blogs

If you’re a regular reader of the Prisync blog, you’ll know we take content very seriously and try to post two pieces of useful content for you every single week. But we don’t stop there. We also share posts on the other e-commerce blogs that host us as a guest. And during the last 3 months, we were in 3 different blogs:

What’s Next!

After this great quarter, we’ll be pushing the limits again to improve our service, to spread the word for Prisync all over the world. According to our product roadmap, there will be two important development during the next quarter:

  • Shopify Integration V2.0: At the moment, we have a Shopify integration but it’s not able to change the prices automatically just like our Magento integration. Our tech team is working on the second version of it and we’ll be launching this new version in the next quarter. So, Shopify users will also have an option to change the prices dynamically soon.
  • Automated Smart Matching Function: This will be one of the most important milestones of Prisync as this new function will help you find your competitors’ URLs automatically from Google Shopping based on the generic product codes you use like EAN, GTIN, UPC etc. Our main purpose is to decrease the manual work as much as possible and this new function will focus on this a lot. Stay tuned for the updates!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and want to thank you again for choosing Prisync as your software vendor. Without you, none of these updates would be possible.


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