Pricing Specialist Tool Kit for 2023 to Climb a Success

Pricing Specialist Tool Kit for 2023 to Climb a Success

January 26, 2023

Pricing a product can be a challenge for both online and physical stores. Since prices are changing rapidly in online platforms, pricing specialists must work with the right tools to make their lives easier. There are multiple factors pricing specialists have to consider when assigning a price for a product.

First and foremost, calculate costs and check the trends of each industry closely. They need to make data-backed decisions and make accurate analyses and reasonable forecasts.

In this blog article, we will explain what pricing specialists have to do to find the right price and show some tools that can make their lives easier.

Let’s start!

What Do Pricing Specialists Have to Do to Find the Right Price?

A pricing analyst is an expert in finding the best price for a product in its range. Their main job is to decide the right and effective pricing strategy that fits the company’s goals, customers’ willingness to pay, and the marketing trends using the right tools

The major tasks of pricing specialists are as follows:

  • Check the trends of each industry to understand their positioning.
  • Make a highly accurate analysis of pricing to find the right price.
  • Create reasonable & data-backed forecasts for the future.
  • Track competitors’ pricing strategies and gain insights about their pricing. 
  • Observe their customers’ reactions to pricing to find their willingness to pay.
  • Test various pricing strategies to find the optimal pricing strategy.
  • Find the most effective pricing strategy for their business.

Pricing specialists should always be aware of market developments, general economic trends, inflation and recession threads and observe changing consumer habits and expectations. Since inflation is one of the biggest concerns for businesses, pricing specialists should adopt various pricing strategies during inflation periods. They have to be aware of the upcoming inflation or recession so that they can make price adjustments. After considering some pricing strategies, they can guarantee to have a minimum loss even in inflationary periods. 

Now, we will show you the right tools for pricing specialists. 

Best Tools for Pricing Specialists

1. Work With Automated Price Tracking Software

Automated price tracking software is the inevitable solution for pricing analysts. This is because, in ecommerce, price competition is getting harsher and harsher every day. That’s why they need to track competitors’ prices all the time. But how can they do it?

There are two ways to track competitors’ prices. One way is to manually track all prices and add them to a spreadsheet. Then, they have to make various calculations while adding their costs and desired markup as well. This makes their job very difficult to handle and takes lots of time and effort. It’s also very possible to make a mistake while tracking all prices manually. 

The following cartoon tells a lot about manual price tracking.

manually price tracking vs automation

Another way is to automate price tracking. They add all your competitors’ and the software will automatically send alerts when competitors change their prices. This is especially useful because they are selling in a competitive market. There might be huge price wars, so they need to react fast. 

With the power of price tracking software, specialists can assign better prices for products or services they are selling. They can get closer to winning new customers and repeat purchases. Tracking tools allow users to analyze their prices in between their competitors’ pricing. With that help, experts can make their pricing decisions easily and quickly. 

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2. Track Competitors’ Actions on Social Media

Pricing is the most important part of a marketing mix. That’s why pricing experts need to track all their competitors’ marketing strategies. Since online platforms are gaining popularity day by day and businesses find their target customers via social media platforms. That is the main reason why businesses need to be present on social media to find and attract target customers. 

With the right tools, competitive analysis on social media can give great insights into their target customers. Specialists can learn more about their customers’ shopping habits and behaviors. Social media competitive analysis is the process of examining competitors’ social media activity to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Businesses can benefit from tracking their actions and consider testing some of the strategies for their business. 

First, they need to identify their competitors. It’s impossible to track competitors if you don’t know who they are. Check who appears in social shares and Google for your top keywords. Since you are making a competitive analysis on social media, you have to focus on competitors that rank well. Consider working with a competitor analysis tool that can track their social media accounts.

This will help businesses to strengthen their brand image and create better relationships with their customers. 

3. Monitor Competitors’ Out-of-Stock Levels 

Out-of-stock information can be life-changing for pricing experts. Imagine that all competitors are out-of-stock, and you are the only one selling the product. At that time, customers will come to your store and make the purchase. For those moments, pricing experts can assign higher prices than usual price levels and maximize their profits! 

But how can you monitor your competitors’ out-of-stock levels anyway? Here is your answer: Use competitive inventory tracking. They will immediately notify you when your competitors are out of stock. This can be a great profit booster for pricing specialists. This is because they can use different pricing strategies for those moments. Therefore, it’s a great idea to consider different pricing strategies.

Knowing your competitors are out of stock, you will always be ahead of the competition. Then, you will have the opportunity to have higher profit margins at the right time!


Pricing specialists have to consider various factors while finding the best price. Working with the right tools can make their life easier and increase their profit margins to the maximum level. If you want to find the best tools for pricing specialists, consider working with the automated tools we have mentioned above in the article. Hopefully, pricing experts can offer better prices and maximize their profit margins!


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