Prisync Update: 3rd Quarter 2018 Report

Prisync Update: 3rd Quarter 2018 Report

October 30, 2018

Hey Prisync followers, we left another 3 months behind and we’d like to summarize what happened at Prisync during this period. So, just sit back and keep reading as some exciting news are below!

The list below shows the main topics of this post:

  • Shopify App v2.0
  • Stock Change Notifications
  • The Threshold for Price Change Notifications
  • New Case Study & More Satisfied Reviews
  • Hosting the 5th Hacktoberfest at Prisync HQ
  • Major Content Updates Upon Request

Shopify App v2.0

After we released our Magento integration, we also launched the second version of our Shopify app which has more features compared to the previous version of it. There are 3 important functions of this new version Shopify app:

  1. Being able to select which products to be tracked at Prisync: With the second version of our Shopify app, you’re able to select which products to be imported to your Prisync account so that you can keep track of your competitors’ prices for these selected products.
  2. Being able to change your prices automatically: We think that this is the best feature of our new Shopify app and yes, you’re now able to change your prices automatically based on dynamic pricing rules that you could set up under Dynamic Pricing section.
  3. Being able to keep your products synchronized with Prisync: With the new version, you’re also able to decide if the products on your Shopify account will be synced with the products in your Prisync account. If you enable this, then any new products that you add to your Shopify store will be automatically added to your Prisync account. Or if you edit a product in your Shopify store, it’ll be also edited in your Prisync account. Or if you remove a product from your Shopify store, it’ll be also removed from your Prisync account.

If these updates sound exiting for you, you can visit our page on the Shopify app store and give it a try!

Stock Change Notifications

Just like price change notifications, now you’re also able to get a notification of the stock changes of your competitors. So, if your competitors go out of stock, or they are back in stock, you’ll be automatically notified with the stock change notification emails. This is available in our premium and the platinum plan and you can set this brand new notification from the settings page of your account.

The Threshold for Price Change Notifications

This was one of the most wanted functionalities from Prisync users and now you’re able to set a threshold for price change notifications. So, you can be alerted according to this threshold. Let’s assume that you set a 5% threshold, then our system sends the price changes that are more than 5%, not the others. Here is more info on this improvement.

New Case Study & More Satisfied Reviews

The case study of this quarter was with Marintek. They’re a supplier which is operating in the nature sports products market and trying to check the online prices of their products and check the price movements on the market. With these purposes, they’re using Prisync for a long time. In this blog post, you can find their story with Prisync in detail. Stay tuned for further case studies, more of them are on the way!

When it comes to the reviews of Prisync users, there are two more platforms that Prisync users are leaving their reviews, G2Crowd and Trustpilot. According to the reviews on G2Crowd, Prisync is moving to the market leader in this specific area, see the chart below:

We’re totally aware of that there are still steps we need to take to provide the best experience to our users and you can be sure that we’re working really hard as all Prisync Team for this purpose.

Hosting the 5th Hacktoberfest at Prisync HQ

On the 27th of October, Prisync hosted an important event, Hacktoberfest. It’s an event where people can contribute to open source projects and improve them. As we’re aware of the importance of open source projects in today’s world, it’s was an honor to host this event at our HQ.

Major Content Updates Upon Request

Our highly read articles in our blog have been updated from the ground up with new sources, images, and most of all much more informative text. Look into the most anticipated changes in our top articles.


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