Shopify Editions Summer 23: Key Updates & Changes You Should Be Aware Of

Shopify Editions Summer 23: Key Updates & Changes You Should Be Aware Of

August 31, 2023

Shopify Editions Summer 23 brings together over 100 updates. There’s plenty to explore, from Shopify’s leap into artificial intelligence (AI) to the best checkout experience.

What about taking a closer look at the most important ones for B2C and B2B Shopify users?

This blog post will list eight new features of Shopify Editions Summer 23.

Let’s get started.

1. Sidekick: Your New AI Commerce Assistant

Sidekick is the new AI commerce assistant. This intelligent tool transforms how merchants handle e-commerce operations, providing instant help, answering queries, and also performing tasks effortlessly.

You can create discounts and redesign your online store with a summer theme. It includes many valuable functions for merchants. For example, without having any design skills or access to design resources. Sidekick provides you with professionally designed websites.  

2. New Checkout Functions & Features

Checkout continues to be the priority for Shopify. They introduced 17 new APIs for developers and a compelling product roadmap for Checkout Functions, which are available to all Shopify plans via public apps. 

Some minor updates include address validation, customized fonts, up-selling subscriptions. And offering pre-orders and an enchanted checkout editor. Moreover, these features will increase your store’s credibility and improve the checkout process for your customers. However, all these updates are only available to Shopify Plus merchants via the Shopify UI.

3. New B2B Features (Shopify Plus Only)

Shopify introduced tailored features for B2B businesses. Such as offering greater pricing control, customer management, and store customization. The key among these features is volume pricing, enabling tiered discounts for bulk orders. Volume pricing allows merchants to implement quantity price breaks to encourage bulk purchases. In other words, this feature enables B2B customers to buy larger quantities, driving more sales and increasing revenue. Therefore, B2B users can easily set up quantity tiers and discount rates to suit their business needs.

Another significant feature is the creation of a separate password-protected storefront for B2B users. Integrating these B2B features with other Shopify tools allows you to the following benefits:

  • streamline customer relationship management,
  • order tracking,
  • targeted marketing for B2B customers.

4. Enhanced Bulk Editor

It’s a powerful tool within Shopify that allows merchants to manage large product catalogs efficiently. Shopify has significantly enhanced the Bulk Editor, focusing on performance and usability.

One of the critical improvements is loading speed. It now loads faster, which reduces waiting time for the merchants. Having large product catalogs is particularly beneficial, where loading time can significantly impact your daily tasks.

The Bulk Editor also supports more fields, allowing merchants to edit a wide range of product information in bulk. Such as SEO and variant fields. 

5. Shopify Collective

It’s a groundbreaking feature that empowers merchants to curate, sell. And add new products from other Shopify brands across the US. With just a few clicks, merchants can expand their product range and offer their customers a diverse selection of items. When customers make an order, it’s automatically fulfilled, eliminating the complexities of stocking and shipping.

Additionally, it’s a risk-free way to test new product categories. Therefore, Shopify Collective provides an efficient solution if you want to diversify and grow your store.

6. Shopify Bundles App

This app is designed to drive your sales and create an enhanced customer shopping experience. It enables you to easily make product bundles by grouping related or compulsory products. Then, you can offer them at a discounted price. With an intuitive interface, you can select the products for your bundle. Set the price, and customize its appearance in your store. The app also tracks performance, offering valuable customer behavior and preferences insights. 

Bundling is an excellent strategy if you offer the right bundling pricing strategy. You can also provide it to showcase your less popular products by pairing them with best-sellers. For customers, bundles provide a convenient shopping experience. Because they purchase related products while saving costs.

The Shopify bundles app supports various bundles, including fixed bundles, mix and match, and tiered bundles. Therefore, this flexibility empowers you to create the perfect bundling strategy.

7. Shopify Marketplace Connect App

It’s an innovative solution for managing multiple sales channels seamlessly. The app links your Shopify catalog to significant marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Therefore, you can centralize product details, orders, and inventory to simplify multi-channel selling.

The app automatically syncs your products. Above all, it ensures consistency in details, prices, and inventory levels across all channels.  

8. Shopify Inbox & AI Integration

Shopify inbox is the platform for a customer messaging tool. It’s now integrated with AI to create an intelligent customer service experience. In addition, this integration enhances customer satisfaction by analyzing customer messages and suggesting personalized instant answers.  

AI handles various inquiries, product information, order status, and return policies. They ensure accurate and relevant customer responses. It also has an improved response time.


In conclusion, Shopify continues to improve its platform, providing B2C and B2B users with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. The recent updates and upcoming features, from the redesigned visual design. As a result of the recent features users can benefit from improved global search, are great ways to empower merchants. 


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