Save Your Time and Get Your Data with Single Click: Reporting Automation

Save Your Time and Get Your Data with Single Click: Reporting Automation

March 14, 2023

Market analysis and competitor monitoring reporting provide useful insights for pricing decisions, such as information on spending, profits, and growth. Reports hand over important details that can be used to help develop future forecasts and marketing plans, guide budget planning, and improve future decision-making.

Reports are a tool commonly used by ecommerce business owners to monitor development, spot trends, and pinpoint any anomalies that may require additional examination. What’s more, see if your competitors are increasing prices or out of stock, and take action regarding these important metrics. Prisync’s automation is for all sizes of ecommerce merchants to make these insightful tracking without extra time and effort.

You can utilize several reporting methods, such as using our dashboard to examine your general price performance or go deeper with brand and category particular data. Get email notifications, and benefit from our API to do much more.

It is very easy to complete all these tracking stages using Prisync. You don’t need any complicated technical setup or integration. To solve your digital struggles, just follow all the information on a single dashboard to track, measure, and analyze your data. 

Benefits of Having Report Automation

1. Cut back on manual tasks and save time

No matter how qualified your team is, extracting, processing, and analyzing report data takes a lot of effort. Use a dashboard that can automate your reports to combine this time drain; you decide what to do with all of your newfound free time.

In addition, through the Prisync dashboard, you can export your data into an Excel file at any time needed.

2. Improve accuracy

Errors can occur when tracking manually. With automated reporting, the possibility of inaccuracy is removed. Prisync users can modify their report data as they like.  This saves a ton of work, money, and time. Daily automated reports will inform you of the most recent changes in your market and among your closest rivals.

3. Manage ever-changing workloads and focus your pricing efforts

We can provide answers to queries about the future even while we can only partially eliminate the burdensome and unpredictable nature of ecommerce. With Prisync’s detailed reporting features, you can now slice and dice the available data to answer all the difficult questions related to your pricing plans, competitor & product analysis, and other issues. 

4. Increase productivity and decrease costs

For a moment, let’s be realistic. Time is cash. When it comes to reporting, time may be saved by combining all of your reports( competitor analysis, price changes, etc.)  into a single dashboard. Consider being able to scale your reporting and analytic structure into a single dashboard. You can get daily emails for your Excel reports and regularly see the updated changes every day. 

Prisync’s Excel Reporting

Prisync’s service lets you have all the reports as an Excel document. You can export all your reports through your dashboard. Your reports will include your overall brand, category, and product information. This way, you can monitor your competitors’ stock availability, price changes, your brand’s performance & position in the market, all the sites that you are tracking, and your index value.

You can export all your data into an Excel report by clicking the export button on your dashboard/ products page. Next, you will see the green export button at the top of the products page. Just click the button and get your comprehensive report of your Prisync account. For businesses, formal notices are very common. Due to this reason, Prisync has the option to prepare your analysis as an Excel file. Your Excel report will be generated in seconds. You can download your file from the ‘reports’ section on your dashboard.

In your Excel report, product name, category, brand, cheapest price, maximum price, average price, and all the competitors’ prices in the market will appear, too.

Our daily email notification feature lets you have your Excel report automatically every day. So, now it’s easier to follow up on all the changes in your market and decide on your profitable pricing strategies.

Price Change & MAP Report Emails

Once you sync your products and competitors into your Prisync dashboard, you can receive price change emails every day. In these emails, the competitor companies, their old prices & current prices, price change status, and stock information will appear. 

Also, if you specify your SmartPrice rules, you can get SmartPrice suggestions calculated by the updates. 

Prisync has two types of price change emails. The first one is the Daily Price Change Email. This is an email that will be sent to you every morning, daily. The second one is an Instant Price Change Email. Since Prisync has three different loops to update the price changes of competitors, instant price change emails are repeated three times a day. Each one is sent after the three different daily price tracking updates by our engine.

price change email report

If you are applying MAP monitoring policies to your sellers and want to track them, you can get a Daily MAP Monitoring Report Email to check all your product sellers. In the email, you can see the red sellers who are applying price policies differently than you expected. This way, you can easily monitor and have control over your vendors.

map monitoring email report

Prisync’s Brand & Category Reporting

Prisync can provide you with a detailed report about your company’s brand & category analysis to see if your products are performing well.

Your panel’s index information provides you with a fast assessment for comparing your pricing to those of your competitors. Furthermore, consider this: the index value for the average price is 100. The index value of a product is determined by the Prisync engine by multiplying the product’s price by 100 and dividing it by the market’s average price for that particular product.

Suppose your index score is 90. This indicates that your product prices are 10% less expensive than the panel’s average prices charged by your rivals. You may verify your index numbers via the general dashboard, brand/category reports, and Excel exports.

Finally, you can observe data like your closest rivals and which sellers are losing sales in comparison to other sellers with the help of category/brand performance data.

prisync dashboard

Prisync dashboard

At this stage, brand reports have a good added value. It is simpler to maintain control over your price in this way. In addition, you may examine the analysis on your dashboard, which is supplied by Prisync software, if you wish to match your pricing with those of competitors or establish dynamic prices.


Monitoring and reporting over time may not just reveal issues but also provide opportunities for improvement or progress. Automatic reports can also be a good utility to keep track of past activity and establish prospects for future growth by pointing out past performances or potential future actions. You will have a clear advantage in determining your tactics if you keep track of market and competitor product changes, including price, stock information, and market positioning.


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