E-Commerce Events: Upcoming Events for 2023

E-Commerce Events: Upcoming Events for 2023

by Prisync
December 29, 2022

Ecommerce is evolving faster every year and this leads to an increasing number of events organized worldwide. Check out the most prestigious Ecommerce events that bring together internationally renowned industry experts, technology providers, and business owners. Let’s create a platform for the share of ideas, latest industry trends, disruptive technologies, and much more.

Below you can find some fantastic events from around the globe—some will be streamed live and some will be online-only.

You’re always welcome to shoot the Ecommerce events that we have maybe missed in our comments section.

Let’s start!

NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show – NYC

Jan 15-17 2023

Retail Big Show is a three-day conference expo including an opening party that focuses on Customer Product Showcase. This will provide an opportunity for retail buyers and merchandisers to meet with entrepreneurs, suppliers, small businesses, and brands.  

The event gathers an interesting list of speakers from the leading organizations. You should know that all attendees are able to vote for their favorite product and the best products will receive $15,000 and $10,000 (first and second price) respectively.  

You can find the 2022 recap video from the link below:   

eTail Summit – Sidney, AU

14 – 16 February 2023

eTail Australia is a three-day summit designed to help you increase the profits from your business. You’ll get action-packed strategies and make connections with Australia’s most successful retailers.

The event gathers the founders, CEOs, CMOs, and heads of Ecommerce and digital marketing to discuss winning strategies and solutions to your key challenges.

You can find the 2022 recap video at the link below:

Savant eCommerce London – London, UK

21-22 February 2023

Savant eCommerce London is a Conference including the industry’s latest trends and innovations, and uncovering ways to capture shoppers’ hearts, and minds. You will learn pricing- and affordability strategies that drive profits in any climate. 

You will be listening to more than 130 Ecommerce, CX, Digital Marketing, Loyalty and CRM leads from the UK’s top brands and retailers. At this event you can join interactive discussions and make new connections. 

You can check out the 2019 recap from here:

E-Commerce Berlin Expo – Luckenwalder, Berlin

23 February 2023

E-commerce Expo views itself as a community and a meeting point for all major decision-makers in the e-commerce sector. They bring together leaders in the e-commerce industry to offer online sellers and retailers the opportunity to develop their expertise and enhance their business strategies.

Every year, the conference attracts over 9,000 visitors and more than 200 exhibitors, making it an insightful Ecommerce fest.

Every year leading industry experts give their talks and share their expertise on several EBE stages. They are providing the attendees with a chance to get inspired by current Ecommerce trends, use cases, or predictions.

You can check out the 2022 recap from here: 

eTail Palm Springs 2023 – Palm Springs, CA 

Feb 27- March 2 2023

eTail Palm Springs is a 4 day retail conference to help you increase your profits. After joining this event you will learn action packed stories and disruptive strategies with top minds at America’s most successful retailers. 

It will be one of the most interactive Ecommerce conferences. You gain knowledge from 30 hours of discussion from CEOs, CMOs and VPs, roundtables, structured and unstructured networking opportunities.  

EuroShop – Düsseldorf

Feb 26th-Mar 2nd

EuroShop is an exhibition that the retail world will meet. The event will discover topics around  shopfitting, POS systems, pricing equipment, store equipment, store design, outdoor advertising and visual merchandising.

This event will be hosting more than 2,200 exhibitors from 56 countries. 

DX3 – Toronto, CA

1 – 2  March 2023

It is Canada’s biggest retail & marketing and technology event. “Hear from marketing leaders who know what it takes to build successful brands and run campaigns that do well.”

You will be able to discover some of the latest innovations transforming the Ecommerce industry. Uncover the most adroit concepts the technology has to offer at the exhibition. Then you can offer better solutions to your online customers!

Anyone in the retail industry who wants to advance in their profession and expand their business should be here. Participate in engaging panel discussions and read tales, case studies, and best practices to take your knowledge of marketing for Ecommerce to the next level.

You can watch the 2022 recap from down below:

Retail Global Gold Coast – Broadbeach, AU

28 – 31 March 2023

Retail Global Fest takes place in Broadbeach, Australia, and they say:

“ If you are selling literally any kind of product on Amazon or eBay, your own website, or another marketplace and are ready to take your business to the next level – Retail Global is going to help you do that.”

This event is a 3-day conference that brings you Australia’s very own Retail Fest on the Gold Coast. After joining this event you will be part of an Awards evening, Marketplace Meetups, Sponsored Parties, and Ecommerce workshops.

Shoptalk Europe – Barcelona, Spain

May 9 – 11 2023

Shoptalk Europe is one of the best retail shows you can attend. This event includes a speaker lineup with more than 175 industry leaders revealing unprecedented insights, future predictions of business.

Anyone in the retail industry can join this event and learn many subjects around Ecommerce, marketing, merchandising, physical stores, supply chain, payments and more. There will be more than 20,000 mutually matched meetings with onsite Meetup delivering the networking and collaboration opportunities for every industry.

IRX – Birmingham

May 24-25 2023

IRX is a two-day conference that will provide you the opportunity to take time out, join practical workshop sessions. 

You can meet with more than 100 world-class solutions providers and a unique opportunity to network with the professionals in the Ecommerce industry. This conference will teach you profitable models and methods of working that you’re looking to implement for both the near and long-term. 

You can check out the 2022 recap from here: 

Emerce B2B Digital – Inn Style, NL

11 May 2023

Trends, tactics, and successes in digital transformation and e-commerce strategies for B2B. With plenty of presentations and experiences from innovative brains in B2B e-commerce on topics such as Marketplaces, e-commerce, digital transformation, data-driven strategy

This event will be hosting more than 25 top speakers. And there will be more than 300 decision-makers and managers in B2B commerce. You can have the opportunity to network with and find profitable solutions you are looking for. 

Internet Retailer Conference & Expo – Chicago, US

13 – 15  June 2023

The event’s structure is based on the fast-moving ecommerce world. Developing a series of tracks dedicated to top-of-mind topics and tech, including live streaming, social commerce, AR, and more are included in the event for attendees. 

Buy Now, Pay Later way of thinking; CPG brands and direct-to-consumer (DTC) movements are one of the main topics of the Ecommerce event.

eTail – The Sheraton, Boston

August 14 – 16 2023

eTail is a three-day conference designed to show you how you can increase your profit margins. You will get action-packed stories and network with top minds at America’s most successful retailers.  

After joining this event you will be part of more than 270 key decision makers and more than 2,000 participants from different professions marketing to VP and directors. 

World Pricing Day – Online 

9 September 2023

One of the most important Ecommerce events will be the World Pricing Day, at least for us! The second world pricing day will be on September 9 2022, hosted by Prisync. The industry experts in Ecommerce will share their insights about pricing. 

The event is scheduled on 09.09 to remind the psychological pricing strategy. This strategy is based on ending price numbers with nine to influence customers.The seasoned experts will share their insights and experiences to create awareness and keep you informed about the latest pricing improvements.  

Paris Retail Week – Paris Porte de Versailles, Paris

19-21 September 2023

Paris Retail Week is a series of meetings for the retailing ecosystem including sessions by professionals from Ecommerce. Discover workshops and keynotes on disruptive topics such as data, agile customer experience, new payments experience, CSR and many more. 

This event will host more than 15,000 participants and more than 3,000 exhibitors. You will have networking opportunities and also meet new customers. And you can learn about new technologies and trends in the retail sector.

Ecommerce Expo – ExCeL London

27-28 September 2023

Ecommerce Expo is one the the biggest and best loved Ecommerce and marketing technology in U.K. You will have time of incredible growth and opportunity for brands to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the past few years

This event will host 10,000+ retailers and brands and 300 industry leading solution providers across Salesforce, Adobe, Optimizely, and many other well-known brands. You will meet with media owners and tech providers and take part in a two-day program of one-to-one meetings, multi-track conferences and networking.

eCommerce Expo Asia – Singapore

11 – 12 October, 2023

eCommerce Expo Asia is a two day event finding Asia’s leading technology providers, innovators and the brightest marketing minds to discover the emerging trends and the most pertinent issues in Ecommerce. 

Learn retail and marketing technology at eCommerce Expo Asia that is a co-located event, Technology for Marketing Asia. 

To extend your perspective through the Ecommerce competition, these events will help you to gain an ideal line of sight.


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