Explore Shopify Collabs to Find Influencers and Drive Sales

Explore Shopify Collabs to Find Influencers and Drive Sales

August 17, 2023

E-commerce is getting more crowded and competitive. This asks for your utmost attention to find new opportunities to attract customers in different ways.

With the help of the right influencers, you can extend the reach of your Shopify business. But, if you ask how it’s possible with Shopify collabs.

Shopify launches an influencer database where you can find creators to promote your products on social channels. You can pick creators who fit your brand and invite them to apply to your affiliate program for influencer marketing. 

Shopify Collabs

While plenty of affiliate solutions are available, you can get challenged choosing the right one for you. The good news is that Shopify has launched its influencer database where creators can sign up, find brands and submit collaboration requests. It can be an excellent opportunity if you are selling as a Shopify merchant!

Shopify collabs are free to use. You can discover creators by applying various filters. These filters include social media accounts, the number of followers, and more. 

In Shopify collabs, you can create different gifts to send to creators. The app also allows you to manage all influencer commissions in the Payments dashboard. Analytics are included, and you can measure the success of each affiliate’s sales. The analytics lets you track performance, such as what creators, products, and promotion channels you work together with.  

The aim behind Shopify collabs is to remove barriers for Shopify stores to strengthen brand image, acquire new customers, and drive sales. Also, it’s easy for brands to find willing influencers who want to collaborate with them.

Now, let’s discover how Shopify collaborations work, ways to find influencers, and ultimately improve your sales!

How Does Shopify Collabs Work?

It’s easy to use. But you will need to learn how to find the right influencers through some trial process. 

First, log into your account and navigate to the Shopify app store. Then, find the Shopify collabs app. Next, you will install it from the App Store. You can create your account by accepting the terms and conditions in the setting panel. 

Shopify collabs have a robust influencer search feature. You can search for by the following parameters:

  • Social network: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, Blog
  • Search by keyword, location, gender, age, hashtag, username
  • Follower count
  • The average engagement
  • Average likes
  • Average views

For every influencer, you can click through and find the relevant information on their social accounts and email addresses. 

The convenient thing you can do when reaching out to influencers is drop the link to your application page in DM. Then you will find all the applicants in the Applicant tab section of the influencer search tool.

Find Influencers to Collab With

Shopify collabs are way more different than other influencer marketing apps. It has the features that set it apart from other tools. You can use it to find the most relevant influencers for your brand and promote your new products. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing: It’s a marketing technique where brands offer influencers a discount code or affiliate link. In that way, creators promote products to increase sales by offering a discount to customers. And creators get an agreed percentage from each sale they make by promoting products.
  2. Product Seeding: The most exciting feature of Shopify collabs is that you can send different gifts. This is called “product seeding,” and it’s one of the most excellent tactics to create word-of-mouth around your products. You will freely send gifts so influencers can show your brands to followers. 

It’s Your Turn To Use Shopify Collabs!

Shopify collabs app can make your life easier. You can find influencers easily by applying filters as you wish. Finding relevant creators who fit your brand ideally can be a great opportunity. Also, influencers can contact you and ask to promote your products. You can drive more sales and improve your brand image more and more!


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