Web Push Notifications: A Method To Increase Your Shopify Sales

Web Push Notifications: A Method To Increase Your Shopify Sales

July 26, 2019

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Your online store has been using social media and email marketing to drive more sales. What’s more, is that you’ve been constantly trying to optimize your strategy and your budgets to make the most out of your campaigns and drive more sales. But when every store out there is following the same approach, how do you ensure your efforts get noticed? 

By adding another channel to communicate with your shoppers – web push notifications. 

Similar to push notifications sent by mobile apps, web push notifications enable your online store to reach shoppers with promotional or engaging messages straight on the screen of the device they are using – mobile or desktop.

Here’s a glimpse of how they appear on the desktop:

Desktop Push Notification

And here’s how they appear on the mobile:

Push Notification Mobile

All without having to create a mobile app for your store! 

But just like the channels you have been using, web push notifications need a strategized approach. Here’s how you can use web push notification to increase your eCommerce sales. 

How to use web push notifications to increase Shopify sales 

1. Flash sales 

One of the best ways to appeal to the modern shopper is to run a flash sale. The feeling of getting more of what they love on a lesser price nudges them to make the purchase. Simply send a quick push message to let the shoppers know when a flash sale is going to be live and the maximum discount they can avail. Remember to make this campaign time-bound to get maximum conversions. 
Smart apps like PushOwl offer a Do a Flash Sale feature that allows you to add an expiry date to your campaign, enabling you to run time-sensitive offers easily.

Flash Sales Notification

2. First-purchase discounts 

A typical shopper today has the option of purchasing a product from at least ten stores. What makes them pick one is the quality of the products being offered, the price they are being offered at and what their existing customers have to say. 

With smart segmentation, you can set up a web push notification campaign for shoppers who have visited your store but not made a purchase yet. Offer them a special discount to make their first purchase more pocket-friendly and instantly bag a sale! 

First-Purchase Discounts Notification

3. Cart recovery 

With so many stores to buy from, a typical shopper tends to browse through products, add them to their cart and then leave without making a purchase. The behavior is so common that the average cart abandonment rate has skyrocketed to more than 69% today. 

With web push notifications, you can bring back these shoppers with a crisp message that gets consumed as soon as it is delivered. Let them know how the products are running out of stock or offer a discount that makes the purchase more appealing. 

Cart Revovery Notifications

4. Product recommendations 

Sometimes a shopper will not browse through your entire collection on their visit. They might show interest in a few products but leave without purchasing to explore more options. That’s where recommendations come into play to increase your product discoverability and sales.

Based on the products a shopper has shown interest in, previously purchased or wishlisted, set up web push notifications to recommend products from your collection. It could be a curated list of products that they’re bound to like or simply a new collection in the category they have purchased from.

Product Recommendation Notification

Who doesn’t like owning the latest and the most popular products? Use consumer psychology to your advantage and increase sales by promoting those products that are a hit amongst your existing customers or are trending in the market. 

With web push notifications, you can bring these popular products to the shopper’s attention immediately. Let them know they are available on your store and don’t forget to give them a reason to purchase from you as well – it could be a time-bound offer or simply letting them know how you’re the first to be selling them.

You could use this approach to sell more of your limited edition and exclusive products as well as new products! Here’s how Headphone Zone does it:

Popular Products Notification

6. Buy more, save more 

What’s the one thing that makes you want to buy more products than you intended to? Knowing that you save more on the overall purchase by buying more from the brand. Use the same approach to increase your online store sales too! 

Using web push notifications,  you could run a clearance sale that reaches more shoppers. Let them know how buying more helps them save more, and you’ll see your sales soar up.

Campaign Notifications

7. Product advise and hacks 

A lot of shoppers don’t complete a purchase when they’re not sure if the product is worth the value. All they need is a little more information around the product to see its benefits and get the final nudge to make the purchase. 

Instead of waiting for shoppers to visit your blog or open your email newsletter, use web push notifications. Promote informative content that helps the shopper see how they can use the product and what they can gain from it. 

Product Advise Notification

8. Price drop 

Imagine you visit a store, browse through a few products and like some of them but end up not making the purchase because you don’t have a budget. You either wishlist the product for later or simply go looking for deals on other stores. 

You can set up a price drop alert campaign with web push notifications. This enables your store to automatically notify shoppers when the prices on their favorite or popular products drop. Knowing they can bag those products at a better deal will get them back to your store to make a purchase instantly! 

Price Drop Web Push Notifications

9. Back in stock 

A lot of your shoppers could be leaving without making a purchase simply because your products are out of stock. But that doesn’t mean you can’t drive them back to buy from you. The only thing you need to do is notify them that the products are in stock – in a timely manner; especially before they end up making the purchase from another store. 

With Now-Back-in-Stock, you can let shoppers subscribe to out-of-stock products. Then you can set up a web push notification campaign to alert the shoppers when the product is back in stock. 

Back in Stock Web Push Notifications

10. Event or Holiday focused 

When’s the one time that you tend to make the most number of purchases and not really care about the amount you’re spending? Events or during the holidays. 

With web push notifications, you can reach out to your shoppers with an event or holiday-focused messages that target simply joining in the celebrations. You could offer a special discount on your products during that period or promote a special range that you have just curated or launched. 

Event or Holiday Focused Notifications

Getting started with web push notifications 

While the above campaign types are sure to engage shoppers and drive more sales for your Shopify store, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to using web push notifications, nor choosing a web push notification platform. You need to continually look into how your campaigns are performing in different segments of your target shoppers and existing customers to optimize for better results. 

Stores like Headphone Zone are already generating 126X ROI using web push notification campaigns. What about you?

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