How Designer Baby uses Prisync to Manage Price Automation and Increase Sales


Challenges: High Competition, Manual Competitor Monitoring, and Fast Price Tracking
Solutions: Smart Automation and Pricing
Key Metrics: 1000% Increase in Sales, 100s of Competitor Websites to Track

One of the reasons for monitoring competitor prices is that consumers are more educated about online shopping.

When Anshu Chawl graduated from Computer Science in 2019 and joined Designer Baby for finding smart ways to create an online presence for Designer Baby, he knew he had to find smart automation ways to get more results.

Designer Baby has been in the baby product business and they were selling in their West London store. With the online business grow rapidly, they decided to take steps online shopping. Then, Anshu joined the team and started using Google, Facebook, and other online tools to sell online. “Google Shopping of course has been our primary tool, but we’re using Google as a package. We’re using search engine and map listings for creating attention for our physical store as well” he says. This way they scaled and had a 1000% increase in their sales in the first year.

When I ask him about the importance of automation for his company, he says “We’re a small company. We had 5 employees. Of course, we’d like to have more employees but we can’t delegate every task. That’s why we need smart automation. And to be honest, that’s why we use Prisync.”

“The important part is to be ready all the time. People are having babies all year around so they need baby products all the time.

Another thing is the competition.

We have 100s of websites as our competitor. We need to monitor them and be the cheapest in the market. Of course, without violating our profit margin. This is something we’re able to do with Prisync.”

Anshu Chawl | Designer Baby

Anshu is saying that the consumers are trained and educated. “Online Hussle is the most important term here. It means ‘how do I find the cheapest product or how do I get a discount for this product. Since consumers are more trained than 10 years ago, we also need to use more sophisticated automation tools to be the cheapest in the market.”

In addition to their day-to-day operations where they use our Dynamic Pricing engine, Designer Baby also uses Prisync data for long-term purposes. Anshu is saying that they use the data to strategically decide which products they want to sell to achieve higher profitability.

It’s your turn to increase profitability 👇


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