Increasing Competitor Tracking Capabilities: Hellochair’s Journey with Prisync

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About Hellochair 🪑

  • Competitors: 10 strict competitors online
  • Products on Prisync: 4500

Hellochair specializes in selling chairs and a variety of tables, with their proprietary table brand known as Hellotable. Operating through two physical stores and an online platform, Hellochair is recognized as a Dutch omnichannel brand. Their extensive product range includes dining room chairs, dining tables, bar stools, armchairs, garden chairs, and more, all curated with a keen sense of interior design.

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Before Prisync

Hellochair faced intense competition with more than 8 online competitors, each boasting an average of 5000 products. With pricing emerging as a crucial factor for competitiveness, manual competitor tracking proved impractical and time-consuming. Consequently, Hellochair adopted Prisync to automate the process and win over time and effort.

“Before Prisync, we did everything by hand. We were checking all the competitors manually, and that was a lot of work.”

Inge Bakker, Ecommerce Manager at Hellochair

The labor-intensive process of manually reviewing products from numerous online competitors led Hellochair to seek a pricing tool. Given their use of Shopify, they explored pricing apps on the platform, ultimately discovering Prisync.

“Because we are using Shopify, we searched for pricing apps on Shopify. Then we met Prisync.”

After Prisync 🏷

Hellochair has been using Prisync for over a year.

“The tool worked well, and the support team always responded very quickly, so we continued using Prisync. We utilize both automated tracking and manual addition of products, which aligns with our preferences.”

Inge Bakker, Ecommerce Manager at Hellochair, highlights:

  • The most valuable feature of Prisync is brand rules, enabling the application of different rules for each brand. This customization proves highly beneficial. The dashboard allows us to identify when our products are the most competitively priced, offering valuable insights. When we find ourselves with the highest prices, we investigate the reasons, particularly if a competitor has exited the market.

“Crucially, the tool autonomously identifies new competitors, saving us a significant amount of time!”

Inge Bakker

“At the beginning, we tried one competitor of Prisync, but it was not tracking the right products for us. Then, we discovered the Prisync app, which worked exceptionally well. Matching products accurately is critical for us.”

Prisync demonstrates swift responsiveness, which is greatly appreciated. We are happy to use it!


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