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Customer Experience 01
March 28, 2017

E-commerce Customer Experience: The Shift from User Experience

The days where e-commerce sites were expected to be simply functional are long gone. The age of the customer is here. As an e-commerce retailer, you better shift your attention from the user experience to… Continue Reading

Payment Providers
March 21, 2017

Payment Providers: Choosing the Right One

Anyone who founds an e-commerce business stumbles sooner or later on the question of a customer-friendly payment process. However banal it may sound: No online shop without online payment. As an online trader, you have… Continue Reading

Map Monitoring
March 16, 2017

MAP Monitoring: What You Need to Know

Now, it is a proven fact that prices are the major factor that defines the competition in the e-commerce world. What I mean by defining the competition is; many online retailers dynamically try to cut… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Sales
March 14, 2017

E-Commerce Sales: 9 Psychological Secrets

It's funny how, despite how complex the human mind appears, psychologists are continually finding predictable and reliable patterns in behavior. The types of people we're attracted to, the ways we choose to relax, the factors… Continue Reading

Repetitive Tasks
March 9, 2017

Repetitive E-Commerce Tasks: Aren’t You Bored of Them?

While every e-commerce business shows some differences in their internal processes, operations tend to have similar workflows. After the moment you walk into the office and take the first sip of your coffee, you dive… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Multichannel
March 7, 2017

E-Commerce Multichannel: Overcoming the Challenges

There’s no denying that selling your products on multiple channels should be a vital part of your e-commerce strategy in 2017. In fact, research shows that multichannel retailers generate, on average, THREE TIMES as many… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Personalization 02
February 28, 2017

E-Commerce Personalization: A Page-by-Page Guide

Remember that joke that did the rounds on LinkedIn a few years ago? “Big Data is like teenage sex - everyone is talking about it but nobody is actually doing it” Well, for many, the… Continue Reading

Dropshipping 02
February 21, 2017

Dropshipping Guide: Pros, Cons, and How to Make It Work

Table of contents Pros Escape the burden of inventoryDecreased overheadIncreased product varietyLow risk Cons Less controlReliance on stockLess competitive pricing How to start A two-faceted notionChoose your productsGet a tax IDChoose a place to sellList… Continue Reading

Manual Tracking
February 16, 2017

Manual Competitor Tracking: 5 Reasons to Stop

If you’ve chosen to be in e-commerce, no matter what is your role, you will face a huge amount of work. In a world where customers have great abilities to compare and find the best… Continue Reading

Mobile Apps 03
January 24, 2017

Mobile Apps: Creating an App for Merchants

E-commerce is a huge part of modern day retail, and more and more often people are now turning to their mobile phone to make their purchases on the go. A great way of getting involved… Continue Reading