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E-Commerce Customer Retention Tools A Complete Guide
February 28, 2019

E-Commerce Customer Retention: How Important Is It?

Keeping your current customers current is exponentially easier with a host of e-commerce customer retention tools you can add to your arsenal. Naturally, keeping your current customers coming back for more is a much easier… Continue Reading

e-commerce pricing teardown-cup and leaf in the tea industry
February 21, 2019

Ecommerce Pricing Teardown Part 3: Cup and Leaf

Do you drink tea?If so, how much do you think about the pricing strategy behind the types of tea that you buy? Do you have a budget in mind when choosing the right tea vendor… Continue Reading

Last Mile Delivery
January 18, 2019

Last-Mile Delivery: 6 Tips for Succeeding

Businesses that offer delivery of goods—whether they are large multi-national eCommerce stores or local furniture outlets—all face the challenge of providing a stellar delivery service. Especially at the E-Commerce sector there many different methods in… Continue Reading

E Commerce Business Expenses
January 17, 2019

E-Commerce Business Expenses: Get Your Costs Together

You’re yet to start your e-commerce business, but why? Could it be that there’s a voice in the back of your mind telling you it’ll be too expensive? I know the feeling. You read articles… Continue Reading

Prisync 2018 Recap
January 3, 2019

Prisync 2018 Recap: Take Quick Look at What’s Done

We hope 2018 has been as successful as you’ve planned and managed to hit your sales numbers. Taking a look back at what’s happened in a year is a great practice for planning ahead. We’ve… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Chatbots
December 21, 2018

E-Commerce Chatbots: How They Can Help Your Store

Online shopping is the most happening thing right now in the world. Ladies go gaga over shopping and so does the e-commerce stores take it up to the next level to provide satisfaction. There are… Continue Reading

E-commerce Pricing Teardown
December 18, 2018

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown Part 2: Dr. Axe

ICON_PLACEHOLDEREstimated reading time: 8 minutes Table of contentsCreating valuable content to help boost salesReviewsBestseller highlightsBuilding trustRewards programTakeaways When coming up with pricing strategies, especially as an up and coming e-commerce store, it can be helpful… Continue Reading

Cyber Monday Marketing
November 16, 2018

Cyber Monday Marketing: 5 Tips for 2018

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest money-making holidays for online retailers. But many people are unsure how to increase organic traffic in the build-up to this event; this can also be a major problem… Continue Reading

Prisync Updates 02
October 30, 2018

Prisync Update: 3rd Quarter 2018 Report

Hey Prisync followers, we left another 3 months behind and we'd like to summarize what happened at Prisync during this period. So, just sit back and keep reading as some exciting news are below! The… Continue Reading

Low Sales
October 22, 2018

Low Sales: Find the Reasons First

You’ve honed your product niche, tested website design, and started marketing your first few products. Despite all of this investment and dedication, your new platform’s conversion rate just isn’t where you thought it would be—and… Continue Reading