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Amazon Pricing Strategy
June 26, 2018

Amazon Pricing Strategy: Lessons to Learn in the Jungle

ICON_PLACEHOLDEREstimated reading time: 7 minutes Table of contents Amazon's dynamic pricing engine Analyze customer behavior Learn from an illuminating mistake Benefit from psychological pricing tactics Parting words Frequently asked questions Amazon's market share of the… Continue Reading

Profit Generation
June 14, 2018

Profit Generation: Marketplace, Hosted and Hybrid, Which One’s the Best?

You’re hoping to sell products online, or maybe you already do. The issue is “online” is too general. Just as you would for a brick-and-mortar store, you need to decide where you want to sell… Continue Reading

Product Codes
June 7, 2018

Product Codes That Every Online Seller Should Know About

Table of contents Global trade item number (GTIN)Universal product code (UPC)European article number (EAN)Japan article number (JAN)Amazon standard identification number (ASIN)Frequently asked questions Before jumping into the article, I would like to make a very… Continue Reading

Case Study 08
May 31, 2018

Case Study Babygear: How The Retailer Doubled Sales is one of the best companies in Denmark in the mom & baby products market and in this post, we'll share the details of their Prisync journey. The company has started it's operations in… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Analytics
May 24, 2018

E-Commerce Analytics: Understanding the Customer Journey

The customer journey is an essential part of your sales process because it’s ultimately your sales funnel. Understanding the exact process that a customer undergoes when they are researching, deciding, and purchasing from you is… Continue Reading

Food Marketing
May 22, 2018

Food Industry: Marketing Tips for Ecommerce

So you have a food brand, huh? You might have tried your luck selling your products on stalls in local markets, or perhaps you’ve even gone as far as to approach your local or national… Continue Reading

Strategy Differences
May 15, 2018

Price Discrimination: Definition, Degrees, and Takeaways

Table of contents What is price discrimination? Why it is different between dynamic pricing and price discrimination? How to apply it First-degree price discrimination Second-degree price discrimination Third-degree price discrimination Price discrimination takeaways Frequently asked… Continue Reading

Price Perception
May 10, 2018

Price Perception: How Consumers Perceive Price & What to Do

Table of contents A two-faceted notion Factors that affect price perception The limitations on marketers' influence Build a lasting perception Final thoughts Takeaways Frequently asked questions One of the most intriguing subjects for marketers is… Continue Reading

Magento Extension 03
May 7, 2018

Magento Extension: A Guide to Prisync Integration

Hey Magento users or the ones who are planning to use Magento for their online store, are you ready to meet with the most exciting Magento extension? If so, just sit back and keep reading!… Continue Reading

Prisync Api 03
May 2, 2018

Prisync API: 15 Ideas to Increase Sales

I know you are surrounded with a thousand analytics tools; tools measuring the visitor traffic or conversion rates on your webshop; other tools monitoring your ads on Google or Facebook; gadgets for A/B testing; tools… Continue Reading