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DTC Pricing Teardown: How Brooklinen’s Pricing Strategy Boosts Sales

DTC e-commerce vendors are completely changing the game of online selling. Through bypassing traditional distributors and department stores, vendors can take back control and sell directly to the consumer. The way big online marketplaces and department stores price their products is wildly different from how everyday e-commerce stores do. If you’re currently building a larger …

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E-Commerce Pricing Teardown: How Everlane Created a $40 Million Company with its Pricing Strategy

Everlane is a clothing company with a strong focus on ethically sourced and produced clothes. We’ll analyze Everlane’s pricing strategy that created a $40 Mn company. Their mantra, “we can all make a difference” runs through their entire company. They cite their clothes as being an exceptional quality from ethical factories with radical transparency. Everlane …

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